A special kind of selfie | Kutch Investors Forum, Mumbai

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I just got out of a 3.5 hour talk about the New Economy, and it ends in this selfie with the elderly gentleman on my far left! Why is that significant?

Well for starters, this was a talk with about 250 members of the Kutch Investment Forum. For those who don’t know, the Kutchi community is known for it’s entrepreneurial zeal, but also their strong social fabric that enables this entrepreneurship.

A big section of them came into the talk with fear and resentment — ‘Blockchain’ was this weird thing that complicated finance and technology. But it was important to flip things around on its head and explain to them that it actually brought their strength to the forefront. Distributed ledger technology gives validity to social fabric, something this community deeply resonated with.

Most left the hall feeling uplifted and enthusiastic about where we’re headed. At the end, the elderly gentleman comes up to me and says ‘Can I take a selfie with you?’ Why? ‘Because you spoke for 3.5 hours about wealth without talking about money!’

Boom! I can’t explain how much this dude just ‘got’ it. To me, that’s the crux of this technology. It flips things on its head and helps us recover from the conditioning of the industrial revolution. It rips off our blinkers and forces us to see value with a whole new lens. It helps us transition from a dependence on sovereign money, to the possibilities of programmable economic spaces

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The question is, are we ready for the Economic Renaissance?

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