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Call for Submissions

We’re excited to have you be a part of this Sacred Erotic Self REVOLUTION!

Our Mission at Sacred Erotic Self:

We believe sexuality is tied to creativity; that the full expression of our divine essence includes the journey toward reclaiming our authentic, sensual, uninhibited and wildly creative power. We’re delighted to bring you content to inspire, awaken and empower that delicious part of you aching to be set free. We’re willing to have uncomfortable conversations in the name of healing and transformation. Our mission is to change the world by creating a sacred erotic self-revolution and a safe playground for healing, expression, inquiry, and exploration. We’re open to all forms of expression and believe that in the end, it’s about the love we bring to and share with the world. Let’s join hands and pave the way on this journey together!

Invitation to Contributors:

Open your hearts
Put pen to paper
Write about erotic love and the Divine 
Spread your Love

If you’d like to become part of the Sacred Erotic Self Revolution and begin submitting and sharing your gifts with our community, we invite you to do that HERE.


Gila and Laura