Charge Your Challenges

Then learn to capitalise and champion them — why not?? 

Why would you not want to charge your challenges?? To not do so means you carry your perception and judgement of hurt, anger and anxiety in your heart every day.

It is alleged that Buddha once said “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you.”

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and not known why?

Have you felt that you know there is so much more to life but are just unable to grasp it?

Have you felt that what is inside you is not reflected outside you in your life — life is not going the way you most desire?

Have you wondered — whats happened — when you reflect back on the dreams you had as a child — a bit like having sold your soul?

Have you felt that life is just not reflecting what really know is your true potential?

when you find that inner peace and the free flow of energy, and what you are inside is reflected outwardly in your life and you reconnect with your dreams from childhood which is the truth of who you are, and you start on the journey to releasing your true depths of your phenomenal potential.

as you do this you charge your challenges, You learn to unlock your inner technology, you become the master of yourself and your life. and you start living the life you have dreamed of for all your life.

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you gracefully let go of the things not meant for you…as you love more and live more gently and compassionately

the only problem is how…

I have been there..I have wondered is this all there is — but yet absolutely had a feeling deep inside myself that you have so much more . so much more to give and live. Like what was inside me was not what was reflected outside..I have felt overwhelmed

I know what i am talking about

if you would have been with me in April 99 you would be with me in Cape Town city hospital — you would have seen me connected up to a life support machine with a heart monitor beeping indicating life — but only barely..


You would have seen me drifting in and out of consciousness and you would have seen the sheer despair in my eyes as i reflected back over the years that led me to this place of emotional destitution

you see this was not my first overdose — this was my 11th in less than 2 years

How much more could my system take — how much more can anyone take

As Idrift back into a comatose sleep the last memories I have are of lying on the rocks listening to the waves — the sound I most love in the world

only this time it sounded like a drone as the two men standing over me kicked me again in the stomach having each raped me.

Sadly SA does have a reputation for being the rape capital of the world but this was not the first time i had been raped

the sexual abuse I experienced started when i was 3 and continued for the next 20 years

with my father getting more and more violent and brutal as the years went on — this was in Ireland

in that time he raped me almost daily, beat me, shot me, stabbed me, conducted brutal home abortions — he incarcerated and isolated me from the world — locked up — not allowed to attend school or leave the house until I escaped in the middle of the night in my early 20’s and left the country for good.

When I finally woke from that overdose in 99 I was dismayed at the situation I was in. I realised that during the years of incarceration I was living in outward hell and since escaping I had created an idyllic life in cape town

I made great money, had the latest cars, boats, magnificent house at the foot of table mountain — I was a champion swimmer, scuba diver, competing in amazing sports like paragliding, water skiing — I had lots of people around me — outwardly I was in heaven but inwardly I was in hell.

It dawned on me why during the years of incarceration I was inwardly in heaven whilst outwardly in hell. I had a ritual I used to do — every day I would look into the mirror and look beyond my physical body into my core… I would penetrate into the deepest parts of me and connect with my true authentic and spiritual self — my higher self — I called it my something at the time… and as a result I had such profound inner peace, self love and self worth — I was powerful and unbreakable..

But when i escaped i lost touch with my inner authentic self in my efforts to try and fit in and be normal in society.

I ended up spending most of my time looking outside of myself for love, affirmation, security and acceptance — I tried so hard to fit in to the point my life was in turmoil — nothing could satiate the inner hunger I had as a result of losing touch with myself

In the process I caked on a mask so hard and thick that I had no idea who I was —

I realised that when my life was outwardly hell I was inwardly in heaven and when outwardly it was heaven I was in hell

And that was when I started my journey back to reconnecting with myself and to loving and honouring myself

It has been a long road and a hugely enlightening journey with many twists , turns and detours… but the result is I have founded the SACRED Leadership institute where I train entrepreneurs to exponentially grow their income life and success through the transformational principals of sacred leadership based on the deep truth of who we are — our inner technology — and marrying that to our outer technology and involves exponential thinking, compounding actions and becoming disruptive by default.

But first we need to learn how to Charge our Challenges…

The science of the inner is a forgotten science — since the evolution of outer science we have become more and more dependent on outer technology and in the process locked down our inner technology — where the true depths of our power lies.

Which is why the world appears to be in chaos. Why we are desperately and permanently seeking — outside ourselves for solutions, answers and for love.

which is why we are becoming more and more overwhelmed by our challenges as they become to define us.

We say we are victims to circumstances, we blame the hand we have been dealt, we drown under the weight of challenges because that is what society tells us to do.

We have become indoctrinated in Newtonian science — where everything is based on material fact — everything is physical and has to be proven.

Leaving no space for our inner authentic, divine, mystical and intuitive truth to guide us in life, in dealing with situations.

And we have become indoctrinated in the construct of survival of the fittest which has been erroneously attributed to Darwin.

If you read his text the Origin of Species — he referred to experiments with birds and ants and deduced that they let the strongest live and the weakest die — but he preambled that with “it may not be a logical deduction…” he knew there was more research to be done.

His theories on evolution which he always preambled with the possibility that he was not aware of all the facts.. have been completely discounted scientifically — but yet we continue to stay ignorant as a society by teaching Darwinian-ism at schools today.

He was not aware of DNA in those days.

We are natural collaborators — we are phenomenally powerful — we are not separate from the universe as Newton says but one with the universe.

There are peer reviewed scientific studies that demonstrate when collaboration breaks down in the animal world the results are disastrous

And that is what has been happening for us.

And in the process we have got stuck and into a spin.

Which has created the current phenomena we are experiencing

As I see it, as a society we have become stuck and reached an invisible and impenetrable glass ceiling — if we look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs — we seek physiological needs first — food shelter and warmth

Then security, safety and stability

Then we seek love and belonging with friends and family — we have generally achieved that — but we are battling to break through to achieving mastery and self esteem and self actualisation

because historically as a society we had to fight and battle to achieve the first 3 levels — but today they are becoming easier and easier… look at connection with social media… access to cheaper and cheaper foods — housing — cheaper furnishing — basically the underlying computational power is doubling in price/performance in just about everything — what you can buy in computational power today is twice what you could have bought 2 years ago.

There is an abundance!

But we have not shifted out of the scarcity mindset — have we?

We have not made the psychological shift — we are spinning around in circles — chasing our tails.

And that together with our scientific and Darwinian indoctrination we are encouraged to look outside of ourselves all the time and not to draw on our inner power.

We are victims to our circumstances, victims to our experiences, survivors of challenges but never masters!

To charge your challenges is to master and transcend.

Just like Maslow’s hierarchy triangle we have the charge your challenges triangle

At the bottom as an absolute necessity we need to charge our challenges by integrating them into our lives. they are a part of who we are. They make the whole of who we are and not something we reject, hide from, try and disown or judge and label.

All challenges we experience give us a valuable opportunity to bring to light our shadows.

your shadows are disowned parts of who you are — by owning them you become whole!

You are a Sacred being and no being is just pure good — we are 50/50 good and bad. and to accept ourselves as the Sacred beings we are we need to accept that

You are not half a Sacred being — you are a whole Sacred being

And until we can accept that we can not love ourselves unconditionally and if we dont we can not unlock our inner technology where all the magic in our live exists. where all the answers for us to know how to physically create our ideal life — our powerful life

There is no earthly challenge you are not bigger than..

Your challenges also are a way the universe gives you what you need to ensure that all the dreams in your heart come true — think about it — what have you learned, what skills have you honed, what circumstances have you ended up in as a result of a challenge — that is perfect situation for you to create your dream life?

To completely charge our challenges we need to unlock our inner technology and to do so is to accept that you have grown, learnt and benefitted from your experiences and in your heart you hold nothing but gratitude and love for your experiences.

I reported my father for rape, and after many years the trial was heard in the high court of ireland and he was sentenced to 54 years for 4 of the 52 charges against him to run concurrently. After 3 years he was transferred to a hospice, dying of cancer — I went to see him a few times before he passed. he never apologised or felt he did anything wrong — but in my heart I had love and gratitude for him.

I had charged my challenges

Once you have mastered this you unlock your true potential and then you share that — there is an opportunity for you to monetize that.

There are people on the planet that need to know what you have learned — what your unique perspective is on your experience and there are people who will pay you for that.

And the most powerful way you can do that is through words — in a book or speaking or mentoring..

A clear example of this is Aaron Ralston — he cut off his right arm when stuck under a rock for over 5 days canyoneering in Utah in 2003. The incident is documented in Ralston’s autobiography Between a Rock and a Hard Place and is the subject of the 2010 film 127 Hours.

Look at Steve Jobs who was fired from the job he started.

Oprah Winfrey who was raped at 9 — she dedicates her life to empowering people

Elizabeth Gilbert who was alone and miserable went on a travel of discovery after her divorce and rebound relationship broke down, and then wrote the now famous book eat pray love.

Through monetising your challenges you transform your life as well as the lives of others.

Then you learn to master your challenges — where you transcend to a higher level of consciousness — a higher energy, vibrational level and increase potential

Where you influence the lives of others, change mindsets, create opportunities and shift paradigms

Like our much loved Madiba in South Africa — Nelson Mandela who epitomises Mastering and Championing his Challenges

In a different way Arnold Schwarzenegger who came from a remote Austrian village to become world champion bodybuilder — wanted to get into acting — but was told he would never make it — he was too big — all the hollywood actors then were small like Al Pacino — he became a loved and successful actor and leader as a governor — a powerful businessman and investor.

Sylvestor Stallone — brought Rocky to our screens and also Rambo — he wrote everyone of those..

He wrote Rocky whilst living homeless in a car. and was offered money for the script but refused it, as he wanted to act in it and also have a part in the direction — despite having no experience!

He was born with partial facial paralysis as a result of the doctors having to use — pretty badly — 2 sets of forceps…

He had to grow up with that challenge… He charged that challenge — and monetised it and has most certainly mastered and championed his challenges and is not only an inspiration but will leave a powerful legacy.

You can do that too.

On that journey to charging your challenges, capitalising them, and championing them lies phenomenal opportunity where you will be clear and empowered to grasp them with every fibre of your body and forge a powerful path for yourself that is overflowing with fulfilment, inspiration, energy and love.

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I am going to leave you with 5 questions for you to answer — they are profound…

And if you answer them from your heart with no judgement — consciously leave your ego aside and with an open heart answer them — you will start the journey to unlocking your inner technology and know what to do next to commence the journey in charging your challenges —


Name the three most inspiring moments of your life thus far

Why were these moments inspiring?

How are they related to what is most important to you today?

What is the common thread between these moments — what have they got in common?

Which area or elements of life have these shown up in?


What is the common thread between each and every job you have had? (even though the jobs may be enormously different what was the single element in any of the seven areas of life that had a golden thread?)


Who are and where your mentors throughout your life?

What is the common thread between these people?


From the information above now answer the question below and bring forward your Purpose in Life (trust your first answer — your intuition will let you know — you have consciously brought forward all the patterns and consistent moments of inspiration in your life so far in answering the above questions, acknowledging the exact form of your unique purpose in a natural next step) —

  1. What is your purpose in life?


  1. Why is this meaningful to you?
  2. What do you perceive is holding you back from living your life on Purpose achieving your Purpose right now?

When you make conscious what is holding you back — you can begin to charge that challenge and unlock your inner technology — and you then begin your journey to becoming a SACRED Leader and exponentially growing your income, life and success.

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