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Can summer reduce impact of Corona Virus?

The world is going through a turmoil right now with the Corona Virus Pandemic and the scientific community is busy like never before with their analysis and observations.

Sadhguru always says, we should see how to make the best out of whatever comes our way. I feel it is a wonderful message and is what we all have to focus upon as individuals to lead better lives.

So, when in one of the videos I saw today, Sadhguru mentioned that people are hoping the summer season would ‘potentially’ reduce the impact of Corona Virus, my interest levels on this topic rose after listening to this and I checked to see what could be true.

This is what Sadhguru mentioned in his speech (the relevant section’s transcript):

There are two parts to this:

  • That the viral infection may go down with rising temperatures
  • That our bodies would have better immunity in rising temperature

Changing Human immunity with summer

There are scientific studies that do suggest our immune systems may be functioning better in summer.

Source #1:

A Cambridge University study which tested 23,000 genes from men and women living all round the globe found that almost one in four genes behaved differently according to the season.

Source #2:

What Sadhguru said regarding human immune system seems to be certainly valid.

Viral infection coming down with summer

Source #1:

Source #2:

It appears the scientists are not discounting that summer will have an impact on the spread of the virus but they are afraid of two factors:

  • Right now, people do not have much immunity against this unknown strain of the virus
  • People not maintaining physical distancing may nullify any effect the season may have on spread of the virus.

But if we build up our general body immunity sufficiently and maintain physical distancing properly as advised, the impending summer in some parts of the world could indeed help us more in this fight.



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