Nothing Lasts Forever

Abdul Halim Ahmad
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2 min readJun 25, 2023

In the realm of life’s transient dance,
Where moments fleetingly enhance,
I ponder upon a truth profound,
That nothing lasts forever, I’ve found.

Like sunsets painted in golden hue,
They fade into night, bidding adieu.
The blossoms that adorn the trees,
With time, scatter in gentle breeze.

The laughter shared in joyous cheer,
Echoes in memories, crystal clear.
But even the echoes slowly wane,
Leaving behind a nostalgic strain.

Mountains mighty, standing tall,
Eventually crumble, to dust they fall.
Rivers that flow with endless might,
Inevitably yield to time’s resolute flight.

Love’s embrace, so warm and pure,
Can fade away, no longer endure.
Passions flicker, like a fleeting flame,
Leaving behind echoes of a forgotten name.

For all that graces life’s grand stage,
Is bound by time, its relentless gauge.
Yet, in this transient ebb and flow,
A deeper truth begins to show.

That within impermanence’s embrace,
Lies the beauty of life’s fleeting grace.
For in the brevity of each endeavor,
We find the essence that binds us together.

So let us cherish the moments we hold,
Embrace the stories, both new and old.
For though nothing lasts forever, it’s true,
The memories we create, forever imbue.

In the tapestry of life, we find our worth,
Through fleeting joys and transient mirth.
And as the tides of time gently sever,
We embrace the beauty of “nothing lasts forever.”



Abdul Halim Ahmad

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