Rahyaft — Undiscovering The Other Half

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1 min readApr 7, 2024


In coordination with #Mihar Diaries . . .

Picture Credits — Typewriter

In lands unknown, where dreams take flight,
A Safarnama unfolds, in morning light.
A journey’s tale upon each page,
Of roads less trodden, from age to age.

Through mountains high and valleys deep,
Where echoes linger and secrets keep,
The Safarnama whispers tales untold,
Of travelers brave, both young and old.

In bustling markets of vibrant hue,
Or tranquil meadows bathed in dew,
Each step a story, each sight a verse,
A symphony of moments to immerse.

On winding paths where rivers flow,
Or city streets alive with a glow,
The Safarnama weaves a rich design,
Of cultures mingling, like stars align.

Through ancient ruins and towering spires,
Where history breathes through ancient fires,
A tapestry of time, both near and far,
Paints the canvas of each memoir.

With every encounter, a friendship blooms,
In distant lands or familiar rooms,
The Safarnama binds hearts anew,
In shared adventures, bold and true.

So let us cherish these tales divine,
Where wanderlust and wonder entwine,
For in the Safarnama, we all become,
The authors of journeys yet to come.