Ron Greenbaum
Sep 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Real-Time Smart Contract Protection

SafeBlocks Firewall is the first firewall for ICOs, DEXs, and other financial DApps. The SafeBlocks Firewall protects smart contracts from value attacks and unauthorized transaction traffic.

The most common sources of security flaws are bad coding and technology vulnerabilities. Without sufficient safeguards, these flaws leave companies open to potential losses from attacks and unauthorized traffic. One of the key responsibilities of CTOs / CISOs / CSOs is to reduce these security risks. In many cases, this is done by implementing additional security solutions as layers of protection alongside security auditing.

When web applications were first introduced, security concerns were often overlooked. Today, it is common knowledge that there are serious consequences related to the of exploiting web applications. Security code review is a very common step in the web application deployment process, but security code review cannot guarantee complete security, and is not enough to protect against threats from potential loss.

It’s very easy to see the similarity between the early days of web applications and DApps. While auditing is both important and necessary, SafeBlocks Firewall also validates transactions in real-time according to a predefined security policy, which can be created and administered via SafeBlocks Firewall’s intuitive management console.

Implementation of SafeBlocks Firewall is very easy, and can be done in just 4 steps:

1. Add our secured validation template

2. Upload your smart contract to the management console

3. Create your security policy

4. Deploy your smart contract to the blockchain

Once SafeBlocks Firewall is activated, all transaction traffic will be flagged for validation. The firewall first reviews the validation request, and then returns an approval or denial response based on the security policies you’ve created.

SafeBlocks V1.0 will offer new modules and more threat prevention features, giving you more control over your smart contract transactions and reducing the risks of value attacks. Additionally, we plan to increase the scope of our solution by providing support for Hyperledger. We are very interested in getting comments about our Beta from both the Ethereum community, as well as from everyone interested in promoting the advancement of DApp security. We will use this feedback to make the next version of the product even better. We invite you to test our product today by visiting and registering for a free trial.


SafeBlocks Delivers Leadership And Innovation For DApp Security

Ron Greenbaum

Written by

Co-founder & CEO at SafeBlocks


SafeBlocks Delivers Leadership And Innovation For DApp Security

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