AI Front-Runner Albert Stepanyan joins Safeguard’s Advisory Board

Amsterdam, 10 April 2018

Dear members of the Safeguard Community,

In line with our upcoming development of an AI-powered accident prediction and prevention system, we’re excited to announce the successful onboarding of Albert Stepanyan as an AI-advisor for the Safeguard platform and ecosystem.

Albert, an ex-engineer at Elsevier, the former CTO at Allianz X and the current CEO (and founder) of Develandoo, has extensive experience in the development of AI systems (such as Leadcrawl and Apart from that, he’s got a vast background in the growing of-, and strategizing for tech projects within the fields of AI, data science and cyber security. Albert also has an impressive footprint within the thought-leadership domains of AI, startups and technology (See his personal blog here).

As an AI-advisor for Safeguard, Albert brings not only a wealth of insight, experience and industry affiliations, he also brings critical growth opportunities for the Safeguard development team.

With Develandoo, Albert’s tech-talent partnership and placement firm, a broad range of employees can be brought into Safeguard’s in-house development team within an impressively short time-frame. According to Albert, “Develandoo’s main goal is to provide a fast capacity scaling process for newly created ventures, as well as to seamlessly integrate and implement technology within their working systems.”

From software engineers, AI specialists and data scientists to UX designers, cyber security specialists and Dev-Ops engineers, this partnership enables Safeguard to directly benefit from Develandoo’s talent and team-upscaling model. With Safeguard’s roadmap, growth trajectory and hiring objectives in mind, we see this opportunity as immensely beneficial in helping us achieve the goals that have been set by our executive team.

With his network and current placement in Munich, one of Europe’s bustling tech- and startup hubs, Albert will also act as a catalyst for Safeguard’s expansion within the German market.

According to Safeguard’s CEO, Ingmar Vroege, “Safeguard is really thrilled about this new partnership. Having Albert on board adds immense value to our project and team. With his positioning and expertise in the world of AI and data science, his advisory role at Safeguard will help us move forward considerably. Our accident prediction and prevention AI-platform is a relatively complex one to develop, and Albert’s technical knowledge and ability in this regard will really help us in developing a great system early on in the project. The contributions that Develandoo can make to our in-house development team are also really exciting. Their talent-placement model is really something new and original.”

In discussing his partnership with Safeguard, Albert notes how “companies are struggling to understand and implement data-driven solutions as such talent is scarce and not very well distributed. We created Develandoo to solve these issues, especially for start-ups which do not have access to the resources that big companies possess. With Safeguard, I look forward to advising the team on AI-technology implementation, as well as helping to upscale Safeguard’s Data Science team.”

In May, members of the Safeguard team will also be joining Albert at the M-AI conference in Munich. Will you be there too? Let us know!

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