Safeguard teams up with China Blockchain Partners for Asian Market entry

At Safeguard HQ, momentum is rising in anticipation of our upcoming token sale, which will facilitate the development of accident prediction and prevention software. By means of this project, we aim to reduce workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities for our users by up to 20% before 2022.

In line with Safeguard’s roadmap and business development trajectory, as outlined in our white paper, a crucial component thereof is to enter the Asian market in 2019. In many Asian countries, we have identified a distinct lack of technical, advanced safety solutions, especially in the context of industrial workplace safety.

With this in mind, we’re happy to announce that we’ve signed a partnership agreement with China Blockchain Partners as our primary business development and growth representatives in China.

Who are China Blockchain Partners?

According to its founder, Robert van Aert, “China Blockchain Partners is an organization that facilitates collaboration and intersection between Blockchain projects in Europe and China. As experts on matters of legal compliance, jurisdiction, marketing, communications and business development in China, they have helped projects and organizations like NEO and Vechain expand between the European and Chinese crypto and Blockchain markets.”

Based on the success of these projects, as well as on other work that they’ve engaged in, China Blockchain Partners have demonstrated their potential for fostering sustainable, long-term partnerships between Blockchain projects, thereby bridging the gap between Chinese and European markets.

Ingmar discussing the partnership details with Robert, Founder of China Blockchain Partners.

What role will China Blockchain Partners play in growing the Safeguard Protocol Ecosystem?

In line with our agreement, China Blockchain Partners will be entrusted with marketing The Safeguard Protocol ecosystem in China. Because the Protocol is fundamentally community-based and co-developed by contributors that can benefit from earning SGT, China Blockchain Partners will also play a large role in growing this community within Asia.

Moreover, the organization will be representing Safeguard from a business development point of view in China, where they will host and partake in events and conferences, whilst initiating partnerships and strengthening our brand.

Lastly, in line with the many potential use cases that the Safeguard Protocol offers, especially when looking at safety in public spaces, China Blockchain Partners will also facilitate interaction between Safeguard and representatives of the Chinese government.

Looking Forward

Safeguard’s CTO, Gertjan Leemans, commented on this new development, noting how “overall, we’re really happy about the agreement between Safeguard and China Blockchain Partners. Not only does it represent the exciting prospect of growing our platform in the Asian market, it also illustrates that we’re sticking to our planned roadmap, thereby achieving certain milestones within the estimated time-frames, if not sooner!”.

On the topic of milestones, our token presale is coming up soon!

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