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Animalia Project Overview


Mobile games are attributed to be one of the most exciting ways to boost your brain and improve spatial awareness. It is also an avenue for most game developers to exhibit their skills and make huge profits while at it.

Many crypto-powered games are currently in development, with the promise to deliver new kinds of gaming experiences and one of such is Animalia.

Animalia is a free-to-play online NFT trading card game that focuses on gameplay, story and art design to provide a unique gaming experience. Designed for a best-user experience, players can build their custom deck and engage in battles with other players via NFT-trading cards.

These cards feature meme creatures and gemstones and allow players to go on an exciting adventure.

The Inspiration Behind Animalia

The game mechanics of Animalia took its inspiration from crypto-referenced meme critters such as doge, whale, bear and bull, as well as gemstones like diamond and moon.

The idea of the game is to engage players and give them complete ownership over their in-game collectibles. Players can collect rare cards, create their own NFTs, build decks, battle with other players and sell cards to other traders, all for an immersive experience.

Clash of The Titans

Every crypto game carries its unique concept. For Animalia, it is a strategy card game of choices and consequences. Matches are drawn by players between two opponents, namely the Bull and the Bear. They can cast powerful spells from their cards, equip themselves with mighty gemstones, or summon critters.

The structure of the Animalia game is designed in such a way that looks intriguing in appearance. The two Titans, the Bull and the Bear engage in a long battle for power to rule the earth. The epic struggle between the two Titans urges Doge, an unassuming Shiba Inu to take on the role of a protector to safeguard the Animalia Kingdom against extinction.

Racing against time, Doge has to find and assemble all the lost gemstones and decode the encryption to save 87 million living species. Who gets to win the battle between the Bull and the Bear?

You just have to play to find out!

Animalia Technology

Animalia is powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) technology, which supports staking and community-based governance. The BSC blockchain has low transaction fees and is fully EVM compatible.

Animalia Features

The Kingdom of Animalia is filled with intricacies and embedded with unique features such as gameplay, earn mechanism, NFTs, a unique workshop and more. The aim is to enable blockchain access to millions of people worldwide into the play-to-earn revolution.


Each match is played between two opponents called the Titans. At different turns with Weapons, players can play cards from their hand to cast powerful spells, equip themselves with mighty Gemstones, or summon Critters within the Landscape.

The unique feature of the game is that users can claim complete ownership of their collectibles and sell them to other collectors.

Earn Mechanism

The marketplace is designed in a way that allows users to trade their collectibles, rent them for profits, get some rewards of in-game assets and gain access to luck-based card packs, which can be obtained or purchased through seasonal events.

Animalia Tokenomics

The Animalia token ($Anim) is a BEP-20 governance token fixed with a total supply of 87 million to represent the estimated number of species living in the natural world. Only $Anim holders will be able to claim and enjoy rewards for staking their coins and supporting the ecosystem.

Non-Fungible Titan

The Bear and Bull Titans will be instigated as a graphical representation of the in-game player

avatar in the form of an NFT.In addition, a series of other NFTs such as Critters, Gemstones, and Landscape will be deployed as part of the network sidechain for $ANIM.

Marketplace & Workshop

Termed as future development, Animalia aims to integrate a virtual marketplace where players can buy and sell their cosmetic NFTs, Landscape and other in-game assets. $Anim will be used as the native currency in this platform. At the same time, the Animalia Workshop will enable artists to create and submit their own unique cosmetic NFT assets, which will be reviewed and approved by the community through the governance model.

Animalia Team

A group of four gaming friends who were inspired by the emerging trend of memes and NFTs came together to build Animalia. In a bid to popularise crypto-inspired meme critters and gemstones in the form of NFT cards, this team are relentless in their efforts to make a sustainable mark in the crypto-gaming world.

About Animalia

Animalia is an independent free-to-play game featuring crypto-inspired meme creatures and gemstones in a fun and engaging manner. Animalia aims to infuse elements of NFT into a familiar trading card gaming genre that will serve as an introduction of financial blockchain technology to the world.

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