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Announcing The Whitelisted Address Release Process For Our Private Round B Sale

Good Evening Launchers!

Our public whitelist for 250 spots in our private round B was a resounding success. Throughout the whitelisting process, we received over 17,000 submissions! With that in mind, we wanted to go over how we will be issuing the whitelisted addresses.

Releasing The Whitelisted Addresses

To maintain the equitability and safety of our launchpad, we decided to release the whitelisted addresses for our private round B in five individual batches of 50 over the next five days.


We want to ensure that funds are allocated to actual community members as opposed to bots. To do so, we will be releasing the addresses over five days to undergo a thorough analysis of the winning wallets. This maintains the mission of SafeLaunch and grants absolute fairness of our private round B public sale.

Each batch of 50 wallets will receive a scrutinizing audit by our team of 9 researchers and analysts. So stay tuned to our Twitter and Telegram over the next five days to find out if you are one of our lucky winners of $500 in private round B.

SafeLaunch remains committed to ensuring only our valued community members are victorious in this unprecedented private offering.

Thank you for your understanding and overwhelming support, Launchers! 🙏

Whitelisted Addresses Day 1 Click Below

Whitelisted Addresses

About SafeLaunch🚀

SafeLaunch is a decentralized project launchpad and incubator that guides projects of the highest pedigree towards launch. SafeLaunch connects disruptive ideas to intelligent investors, and through our stringent projects screening process we ensure safety above all else. With Safety as our top priority, we have implemented a wide array of processes and in-house auditing systems to ensure an equitable and secure experience for all involved. All of this is further bolstered by a full suite of DeFi products to benefit holders and projects alike.

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