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These days, blockchain games are becoming synonymous with play-to-earn, creating a unique universe where gamers are guaranteed rewards for having fun and engaging in competitions and events.

As a show of dedication and commitment, gamers can exchange their bountiful rewards in the marketplace for real money. They could also trade their tokens on exchange platforms. We recommend that you read this post to learn more about how play-to-earn works.

CATO is a 3D RPG play-to-earn game that gives players relaxing moments and simultaneously helps them to earn. With amazing 3D graphics, superb gameplay, and lots of rewards to be earned, CATO is one of the best blockchain games you will ever find out there.

A Fish Shooting Game Like no Other

Have you ever seen a clip of a shark attack? CATO is a fish shooting game that will thrill you from the moment you press the play button. As a player, you will need to buy eggs that will hatch into fish. Then you raise them into a formidable team of CATO, where you use your fishes to conquer new lands and destroy other species on the battlefield. You can work your way into riches as you win more battles and conquer new territories.


The gameplay on CATO is in three dimensions. You can join the CATO warriors in bounty hunts, or you can choose to participate in quick games to kill enemies and hunt them down for amazing rewards. You can also try out your luck in Spin shark and spin Pirates, where everyone stands an equal chance of becoming a winner. If you emerge victorious, you stand a chance to win valuable in-game assets like Gold, NFTs, and limited edition items.


The bounties on CATO are categorized into three. The idea is to satisfy all players. There is a large amount of NFTs on offer. You can also win rare items and gold, and you can also get a free round of spin at no extra cost.


The CATO team is made up of seasoned technologists who are passionate about creating an engaging gaming experience for players. The team is comprised of experts who have experience in marketing, user experience, software development, and business.


The CATO ecosystem utilizes the $CATO as its token. With the token, strong holders will be able to participate in DAO voting, stake in the liquidity pool, purchase items in the marketplace and play games.

Get ready for CATO’s IDO

CATO will be holding its IDO very soon. Get ready to participate in CATO’s upcoming IDO. Private sale price @ $0.05 with 6% TGE at IDO. Read more on their website.

About CATO

CATO is a role-playing game that integrates NFT games and decentralized farms. By joining CATO, you not only have fun but also have the opportunity to make a lot of money. Learn more about CATO in the links below:

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About Safelaunch

Safelaunch is a seasoned community-owned and fully decentralized project incubation and crypto launchpad platform where the investor community gets early access to some of the finest, verified blockchain projects. Safelaunch creates a mutual ground where projects raise needed funds and investors invest in the most promising crypto projects.

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