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CryptoBlades KINGDOM Land Sale! Key Information


We’ve got great news from our CryptoBlades team.

Their CryptoBlades land sale has arrived!

Sale Date : 25th October @ 1PM UTC

Lands are essential in CryptoBlades Kingdoms for generating resources, housing your armies, and protecting the kingdom! All Lands will have tiers with increasingly greater benefits that help you conquer enemies and build an undefeatable empire.

Land NFT’s in CryptoBlades Kingdoms are a great way to have some fun and play around while you’re building your kingdom! You can grow resources by yourself or with a friend!

CryptoBlades Land Sale Pricing

Our community of launchers will have access to the following Emperor 5 Tier land sales:

Tier 1 Lands — Supply: 2484 lands | Price: 80 BUSD each

Tier 2 Lands — Supply: 720 lands | Price: 240 BUSD each

Tier 3 Lands — Supply: 36 lands | Price: 4000 BUSD each

More information about the CryptoBlades land sale can be found here.

CryptoBlades $KING token has done a 20X since launching their IDO on our launchpad! And 45x at its ATH!

We’re thrilled with the performance of one of our #SafeLaunch projects and look forward to many more!

About CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is a revolutionary web-based NFT role-playing game launched on the Binance Smart Chain and brought to existence by the talented group of Riveted Games. The game’s core revolves around rewarding players with KING tokens after defeating enemies and participating in raids. Players can hire additional characters, forge unique weapons, and reforge them to increase their overall power. Players can also trade their characters and weapons on an open marketplace. They can also stake their KING earnings and receive additional KING as a reward.

To learn more about CryptoBlades, visit their:

Website | Discord | YouTube | Telegram | Medium

About SafeLaunch

SafeLaunch is a decentralized venture capital community allowing SFEX token holders to invest in the private, seed, and IDO rounds of exciting early-stage projects, removing barriers that previously made such opportunities off-limits except to a limited number of people and firms.

To find out more about SafeLaunch, please visit our social channels:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium



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