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Drife, Decentralized Ride Hailing Reimagined

SafeLaunch’s Community Private Funding Round launches on July 16, 2021, whereby our community can participate in the Drife token launch at a lower and at a more attractive rate compared to the subsequent Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and public sale. SFEX Investors stand a chance to win $500 worth of Drife tokens with full details below.

About Drife

Drife is a decentralized mobility platform solution that will revolutionize the ride-hailing ecosystem. It is Uber with all the benefits of a decentralised protocol and community-centric platform. Created for the community, this platform empowers both the driver and the rider. 100% of the fees will be pocketed by the driver compared to existing centralized platforms that only leave a fraction of the collection to the driver. It aspires to create a fairer, more efficient and transparent ride-hailing economy in a decentralized mobility marketplace

There are additional attractions to this ride hailing solution. Consumers’ privacy is safeguarded and the drivers’ remuneration are transparent with fair distribution through the existing protocols. Drivers retain their rights to unionize and the platform allows for adoption of local regulation and the accompanying compliance framework.

Key Features

  • IDO with Paid Networks Apollo X
  • Tier 1 Advisors including Kyle Chasse (CEO PAID Network), Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran (CEO GD10 Ventures), Orion Depp (Managing Partner Master Ventures)
  • Supported by tier-1 Venture Capital(VC) firms including (GD10, MasterVentures, AU21, Titan Ventures, BTA ventures and more)
  • Disruptive ride-hailing model on a decentralized platform
  • Transparent, efficient and community centric
  • Mobility solution is an estimated $385 billion industry by 2025
  • Has 8,000 enrolled drivers and 10,000 independent drivers
  • 5 fleets of more than 1,000 vehicles in each fleet ready to onboard Drife
  • In talks with potential franchisees in South America, France, Middle East and other parts of the world
  • A fully developed product ready to be deployed
  • Active community of drivers on Telegram and had conducted 3 virtual drivers’ meetups

Funding Rounds

The token drive is aimed to raise $3 million, with $600,000 initial circulating supply and a fully diluted value of $40 million. Investors can participate in the private launch through our platform for DRF tokens at $0.00625/token.

Seed 0.00250–1% TGE 12 month vesting

Private 0.00625–2% TGE 9 month vesting

Public $0.01250–20% TGE 6 month vesting

SafeLaunch tiers

Peddler — 300 SFEX — 1x Base Allocation

Hustler — 500 SFEX — 2x Base Allocation

Merchant — 1500 SFEX — 4x Base Allocation

Wholesaler — 3000 SFEX — 7x Base Allocation

Broker — 6000 SFEX — 10x Base Allocation

Tycoon — 24000 SFEX — 18x Base Allocation

Monopoly — 48000 SFEX — 50x Base Allocation

A snapshot will be taken leading up to the raise and, an hour before, all qualifying addresses will be whitelisted without the need to fill any form.

SafeLaunch will be running a Gleam Campaign to award $500 free allocation of Drife tokens to investors with a minimum of 300 SFEX. To qualify follow this link:

Click here to buy SFEX on Pancakeswap

The Team

The team consists of qualified and experienced talents. Firdosh Sheikh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a chartered accountant and an entrepreneur with previous working experience in Microsoft India. Mudit Marda is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and a well known blockchain developer in the Indian blockchain community. He has won many hackathons including the Chainlink Hackathon and was a recipient of the Tezos Foundation blockchain grant.

The team consists of 17 full time employees that have tirelessly been working on this project for the last 2 years.


Two main components the Drife tokenomics is utility and governance. Token holders are entitled to discounts in the form of fares for rides or platform subscription fees for participating drivers. Token holders can also participate in platform governance where the $DRF holders can create proposals and vote on it and this includes decision on the ride-hailing ecosystem and core development protocols on Drife.


Franchise contenders are required to stake $DRF reducing the supply of tokens that can be traded. Token price would appreciate as circulating supply is reduced and it also creates a demand to acquire the requisite $DRF. To qualify, the intended franchisee needs to stake more than the predefined minimum of 1 million $DRF. Token holders also benefit because they can delegate their tokens to be staked on behalf of the Franchise contenders in return for a pre-decided revenue share.

Staking Pool opened by Drife supporting Customisable Crowdsourcing of DRF is needed to participate in the auctions by potential franchise contenders. Different franchise contenders can propose different shares of profits between themselves and the community stakers, and thus the community can have their share of profit from the operations of Drife.

To get the franchise rights in a particular unit of operation, the franchisee needs to Stake more than a predefined minimum 1 Million DRF => maximum staker wins and his stake gets locked.

Lockup Period

The tokens allocation for the team and advisors are subject to a 6 months lock which will mitigate the risks of sudden dump when the tokens are launched.


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Telegram —



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