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Fidira is Bringing NFTs to Life with Crypto Gift Cards

Cryptocurrency and all it entails is no doubt gaining prominence and increasing use cases in all spheres of society. Still, there are lots of uncertainties and shrewdness that surround the space. For many, the reason they have not joined the crypto train is because of the volatility of assets. Others who have not joined have reasons such as lack of clarity about how the space works, the technicalities involve, or even how to get started.

Fidira has set out to solve all of these issues by simplifying the ease of entry for first-time crypto adopters. To simplify entry, Fidira is starting a project that makes use of the much more familiar Gift Card solution. This way, accessibility issues can be resolved as well as the ease of entry.

Let’s dive deeper!

Bringing NFTs to Life through Gift Cards

Fidira’s idea of simplicity and accessibility follows a single line of thought — making gift cards available at the closest retail outlet near you. The idea is to build confidence in adopters as much as possible by presenting cryptocurrency in a manner that they are already familiar with.

Fidira’s gift cards will be available at every retail distribution network. That way, you can easily purchase, and gift friends. Simultaneously, all gift cards will come with a unique NFT asset of Fidira partners.

Imagine getting a game hero for one of the most popular games in the world, how much do you think that will be worth in the crypto marketplace?. The gift cards will be physical NFTs that represent digital NFTs of existing projects. Owning a gift card will make you the owner of exclusive NFTs.

By taking this approach, Fidira solves series of problems and offers new sets of solutions. New adopters can come into cryptocurrency, and partner projects can have more users in their project ecosystem.

Fidira is the first project that will provide mass access to crypto NFTs worldwide to new audiences. In addition, staking Fidira will also provide users access to Fidira’s exclusive NFT catalog.

Ultimately, it will no longer be about trust or technicality, Fidira’s approach will eventually make the platform the pacesetter in the crypto NFT space.

It’s a win-win for all.

The Fidira Ecosystem

Fidirais building a scalable ecosystem on the Polygon Network. The ecosystem will comprise the Fidira exchange — where users can purchase and sell their NFTs; the Fidira Gift Card Sales — which extends to all the retail distribution networks across the world; and the Fidira wallet — where users can safely store their assets and yields until they are needed.

The ecosystem flow enables cardholders to:

  • Collect — Begin your journey in cryptocurrency by purchasing a Fidira gift card and getting a redeemable NFT as a reward.
  • Earn — You can put your idle crypto asset to use by staking it for more rewards. The Fidira innovative Defi system helps you grow your otherwise idle NFTs. Staking your idle assets also grants you access to Fidira’s partners’ NFT catalog.
  • Spend — Easily convert your NFTs into spendable fiats courtesy of the Fidira Mastercard-backed Defi system.

The benefits to dApp Users

Among other things, Fidira users will directly benefit in the following ways

  • In-app cryptocurrency swap through the Fidira DEX platform
  • Realtime asset dashboard
  • Defi lending and farm yielding generation
  • NFT generation and Defi staking rewards
  • NFT loyalty reward programs with partner projects
  • Ability to pay bills and conduct day-to-day transactions in cryptocurrency


Fidira will be the official utility token in the Fidira ecosystem. Users can also stake Fidira to be able to participate in the Fidira DAO governance. Further opportunities to earn Fidira will be offered through staking Fidira Liquidity pool tokens which will be farmed to earn more Fidira tokens and help secure and grow the Fidira network.

Fidira IDO is Around!

Fidira is set to announce the commencement of its IDO. The private sale price starts @ $0.10 per Fidira token. Stay tuned for more details. You can also check for more information.

About Fidira

Fidira is the first-ever project to decentralize cryptocurrency using Gift cards and NFTs as a reward system. Fidira is on a mission to remove the barriers to entering the crypto space by fully making digital assets accessible to everyone in the world.

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