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Flourishing Capital Perfect for DeFi Boom

The frenzy around cryptocurrency certainly took a new dimension in 2020. The year 2020 saw the wide adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as a means of banking the unbanked, making more returns, and inadvertently, removing the roles of traditional banks and their unfavorable terms of services.

Resulting from this, Decentralized Finance has seen an upsurge in investment ever since. This comes as no surprise as different innovative projects specializing in different areas such as yield farming, crowdfunding, and the likes, keep coming up with above-average opportunities that people could easily tap into.

As of December 2019, the DeFi space was valued at about $700 million. This figure rose rapidly to $13 billion just a year later. As it stands currently in 2021, DeFi has grown into an $80 billion market. with its prospect in the immediate future estimated as high as $800 billion.

Coming up along with all of these promises is the huge investment in DeFi projects as investors and traders continue to hunt for the next big project in DeFi. Traders continue to grow their portfolio, doubling their investments, diversifying their incomes, and patiently watching it grow.

Tracking Investment Portfolio is a Challenge

Currently, the atmosphere is quite conducive, and the future certainly looks good for all DeFi investors and traders. But as more people seek to profit from the DeFi boom, a new kind of challenge emerges. One that has to do with properly making sense of market data. Data that keeps growing at an exponential rate.

This is a serious headache for traders who maintain large portfolios — in truth, keeping up with all of your investment is no easy task.

As a result, two fundamental issues emerge. The first is how investors and traders can stay on top of all their investments. The second is how traders will avoid investing in a project that just might not live up to expectations.

As good as crypto analysts can try, there is just so much they can keep up with.

Flourishing Capital AI is the Solution

Flourishing Capital has already identified this challenge and has developed a lasting solution to this effect. With the Flourishing Capital AI, DeFi investors and crypto traders need not panic about their investments again.

Here are a few things you should know about Flourishing Capital AI.

  • First, the AI is capable of running in-depth blockchain analysis and providing detailed, unbiased information that is accurate at all times
  • With several thousand transactions taking place simultaneously on the chain along with other forms of information processing, the AI can capture the information and draw meaningful conclusions as they occur in real-time (over 100 traders are already benefiting from the beta testing).
  • Based on the processing capacity, Capital Flourish AI can help traders easily predict the market (bear or bull run), determine the probability of target price hit, predict the most profitable coins they can invest in, and the resistance and support level of each coin.
  • The AI can run High-Frequency Trading analysis (HFT), and multi-exchange blockchain analysis
  • You also have access to exclusive trading communities and High-Frequency Trading Portfolio Management for large and mid-cap coins
  • Lastly, the AI has a deep learning capability that enables it to make trader-specific portfolio predictions.

A Necessary Instrument in Every Traders’ Toolbox

If you take trading seriously, then you should not hesitate to add Flourishing Capital’s AI to your toolbox. Its benefit goes beyond the current DeFi boom.

As a trader, making the right investment at the right time is exactly what you do. At the same time, due to the number of projects that are coming up, it is hard to get all the right information exactly when you need it.

Also, the market may be already giving its signal for a downward trend without many seeing it along this line. In that case, Flourishing AI will help you make an unbiased decision towards a graceful exit.

The beauty is that this tool goes beyond the current excitement. It helps you maximize profit and reduce risk and capital loss.

About Flourishing Capital

Flourishing Capital is an advanced artificial intelligence project focused on helping crypto traders make meaningful, informed, and unbiased decisions for their portfolios. Through its AI, Flourish Capital aims to help all traders obtain desperately needed insight and analysis that help them flourish.

The Flourish Capital team is made up of entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, and digital payment technology experts, who have extensive experience working on projects at Nvidia and Oracle.

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About SafeLaunch

SafeLaunch is a project launchpad that helps emerging projects by grooming them and providing needed resources to grow. Through its strict verification process and background checks, SafeLaunch links these projects to its vibrant community of investors. This way, SafeLaunch ensures projects raise needed funds, while its community members get access to privy investments.

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