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Flourishing Capital’s Machine Learning System with Self Correction Capabilities

As crypto traders and investors, we often deal with the overwhelming market information, volatility in crypto price movement, and keeping track of our diverse portfolios. All these could be a huge dilemma for many of us in the crypto space.

To avoid such a dilemma, Flourishing Capital has created a comprehensive and one-of-a-kind machine learning solution to help you stay ahead of the crypto market.

Before going into details, you need to know the difference between the common bots that are currently used for market analysis and Flourishing Capital’s advanced machine learning.

Regular BOT vs. Flourishing Capital’s Machine Learning Algorithm

To help traders cope with the huge amount of data, analysis, and market trends — several bots have been developed. Usually, these bots are programmed to behave in a certain manner based on certain signals and information.

What bots do most times is to give you an analysis based on previous market trends. If there had been a bear or bull run at some point due to certain factors, a bot automatically assumes these factors will have the same effect on the present. This is a good effort, but it is not enough. Bots cannot bring in other equally important factors such as current events, and the capacity to process information independent of what has been programmed.

By contrast, Flourishing Capital’s deep learning algorithm is constantly in a learning phase. Not only does it accrue vital information from past events, it learns from it. By combining past events with present market situations, the algorithm self-corrects and adjusts to present realities.

This improves its accuracy, analysis, and prediction. Just as humans learn from experience and acquire new knowledge along the line, Flourishing Capital’s ML algorithm crunches past data, learns and builds knowledge from current market situations.

Specifically, Flourishing Capital deep learning AI helps you in the following ways:

  • Accurately predict bear and bull run through accurate data and present market signals and events
  • Discover quick and easy opportunities for profit with the best HFT API currently available in the market
  • Easily determine the possibility of hitting your token price
  • Spot indicators of unpredictable events that can affect your portfolio and plan for a graceful exit
  • Automatically rebalance your portfolio exposure across different stakes and investments


You can have access to Flourishing Capital AI by staking in its native FAI token. The token helps you have access to the three tiers of the platform’s benefits.

The first tier is free. There you have access to on-demand token and coin analysis. On the second tier, you are required to stake FAI equivalent to $1500.

The benefits include all of tier 1 benefits plus

  • High-Frequency Trading portfolio management, including multi-exchange blockchain market analysis.
  • Advanced order management and auto trade capabilities.

The third tier is the equivalent of $7500 in FAI. It covers all benefits of tier 2 and much more.

  • You have access to the VIP trading community and HFT portfolio management usage for large and mid-cap coins.
  • Liquidity mining dividends and market-making
  • HFT portfolio management with margin trading and leveraged ETP.

A Tool Worth Having

Every crypto trader’s worst fear is to lose a huge investment in a bear market. The worst thing about this sort of dip is that it has no end in sight. In reality, nothing else makes a trader get caught other than the inability to manage a huge portfolio long-term.

Information is key, and accurate, timely information is king. Flourishing Capital Machine Learning system helps you analyze and present personalized blockchain data in real-time.

That is an edge no one else can touch!

About Flourishing Capital

Flourishing Capital is an advanced artificial intelligence project focused on helping crypto traders make meaningful, informed, and unbiased decisions for their portfolios. Through its AI, Flourishing Capital aims to help all traders obtain desperately needed insight and analysis that help them flourish.

The Flourishing Capital’s team is made up of entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, and digital payment technology experts, who have extensive experience working on projects at Nvidia and Oracle.

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About SafeLaunch

SafeLaunch is a project launchpad that helps emerging projects by grooming them and providing needed resources to grow. Through its verification process and background checks, SafeLaunch links these projects to its vibrant community of investors. This way, SafeLaunch ensures projects raise needed funds, while its community members get access to privy investments.

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