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MetagamZ Project Overview

Games need no introduction. They have become one of the foremost instruments of entertainment and recreation globally. Games have also been attributed to a whole lot of healthy benefits. Played by an estimated 2.7 billion people globally, and with the number projected to grow to more than 3 billion in 2023, gaming has proven to be key to our everyday lives.

In recent times, especially in the past year (2021) metaverse has also become the new talking point globally. Facebook has switched its focus to the metaverse, even renaming itself in the process. Other top brands have also become advocates in this space.

But what about a metaverse designed specifically for gaming? As an example, consider a virtual reality metaverse ecosystem that allows users to access various games. This has yet to become a reality. As a result, we are pleased to introduce you to MetagamZ, a virtual reality ecosystem dedicated solely to the development and play of metaverse games.

MetagamZ: The Metaverse of Games

MetagamZ is a “metaverse of games”. An entire ecosystem of virtual reality that creates an immersive experience for gamers, and a platform for game developers to build a remarkable project on the latest and most in-demand technologies globally.

MetagamZ creates a virtual world in which game developers can create and launch games with a variety of value-added Defi solutions that benefit the community, resulting in a transparent, decentralized, and user-centric gaming experience.

The ecosystem also creates a setting in which players can earn tangible rewards and in-game assets, own virtual properties, and monetize value, while also providing a channel for brands to raise awareness through advertising and property leasing, among other things.

MetagamZ allows game developers to own gaming districts, erect buildings, and create zones that will serve as a hub for gamers of all types to enjoy their best games. It’s a fun metaverse with a high-level gaming experience.

Platform Values

MetagamZ is distinct, and the platform is conceived and designed around 5 core values namely, gaming metaverse, virtual reality, brand exposure, NFTs, and gaming accelerators services. Each of these values is discussed below.

Gaming Metaverse

The whole activities within MetagamZ happen in the metaverse. Within this metaverse, gamers and investors have the opportunity to buy virtual lands, lease, sell, and build on these digital assets, using the native token as the main medium of exchange. The metaverse lands in MetagamZ provide a key economic value to all who hold them.

Virtual Reality and Game Aggregation

MetagamZ provides the next-level gaming experience on the blockchain. The ecosystem serves an environment where different medium to large gaming projects can successfully host their games on the blockchain. Through this approach, emerging game developers can easily scale and increase the reach of their games.

Brand Exposure

MetagamZ provides the biggest platform for brands to successfully build and launch their gaming projects without the need to spend excessively on promotions, brand awareness, and advertisement. All they need to do instead is to further improve value-added services for game players.


Play-to-earn has become the order of the day in blockchain gaming, but MetagamZ stands out with its approach. Players can win NFTs in the ecosystem, additionally, rare assets like advertisement screens and lands can be strategically bought to serve bigger economic purposes. Furthermore, game developers also have the free hand to create their own collections of non-fungible tokens as in-game assets.

Accelerator Program

Upcoming gaming projects have the luxury of using the resources of MetagamZ to build and launch successful gaming projects. This creates an avenue for game developers to benefit from comprehensive incubation and accelerator program that helps the expansion and adoption of their gaming project across blockchains.

Built on Unreal Engine 5

As much as MetagamZ prioritizes benefits and values for all stakeholders, it also ensures that gamers in the ecosystem have a complete and real immersive experience. This is why the project was created with Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine will allow game developers to create the most graphical, image-rich games possible, capturing gamers’ attention and drawing them into the immersive and action-packed experiences of in-game activities.

MetagamZ Economy

The economy of the MetagamZ ecosystem is basically in two parts — free to play, and play-to-earn.

Simply, all games on the platform are free to play and they are accessible to all game players, everywhere, and anywhere in the world. Also, players earn rewards for participating in gameplay. Except in special cases where game developers offer very rare in-game assets as rewards, all earnings are free to obtain on the platform.

Partners and Backers

Some of the existing partners of MetagamZ include DCI Group, Brotherhood Ventures, 316VC, Kangaroo Capital, ITStacks, MH Ventures, just to name a few. Check out their website for more details.


The $METAG is the official utility token of the MetagamZ ecosystem. The token will serve as a medium for exchange, settlement, and transaction execution on the platform. A total of 10 billion $METAG tokens will be created.

Get Ready for a Massive IDO!

MetagamZ will be announcing its IDO soon. Get ready to participate in its upcoming token sale. A total of 100 million tokens will be up for sale @ $0.005 per token. Vesting at 25% TGE, unlocking at 25% monthly.

About MetagamZ

MetagamZ aims to build a Virtual GameFi ecosystem that is comprehensive, immersive, efficient, and effective in connecting the whole crypto gaming economy, including game developers, publishers, gamers, and brands.

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