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Gamesta — Project Overview

Video games have a unique ability to bring people together. Whether in a random match or a league of friends playing an annual tournament.

Gaming communities have been around for decades, helping people connect and participate in social activities while having fun. The benefits of gaming communities are more than just about competition and camaraderie.

While blockchain technology will revolutionize the world, it still faces obstacles stifling its adoption.

However, with the help of an online community and NFTs, these obstacles are avoidable.

NFTs stand for “non-fungible tokens” and are growing as a new way of monetizing games. They contribute by adding new features as well as making the gameplay more interactive and fun for players.

They can also help developers fund their projects by offering tangible rewards without resorting to sales or subscriptions.

However, it isn’t easy to find a platform developed specifically to focus on community benefits and the play-to-earn model — until now.

Enter Gamesta

Gamesta is an AI-powered decentralized guild built to empower players to connect and invest in each other’s projects and businesses. Gamesta will also be a place for players to socialize, earn, learn new skills, participate in community events, buy virtual items, in-game trade assets, and invest their money into other projects.

As an immersive, social platform, Gamesta lets people create and own their projects. Gamesta is committed to providing the knowledge and skills necessary for players to support one another.

The community-focused business model is designed to empower players with the tools needed for successful gameplay

Gamesta is an AI-powered guild for developers and gamers

With games that offer intrinsic value and a lower initial outlay, NFT’s can provide a bridge to the world of gaming for players from emerging economies. Gamesta provides under-privileged players with the opportunity to develop their skills and find financial support.

Gamesta Guild is growing a network of players to create value for the games played. They all collectively invest their time and contribute to an ever-evolving metaverse. This means any player, regardless of their wealth or means, represents the same value in a digital game.

On the platform, game developers can reward their players for their loyalty with a token of appreciation.

Gamesta’s Ecosystem

The mechanics are simple. After completing the private and public sale, Gamesta grants capital into the in-game assets to facilitate the development platform’s infrastructure.

Fees from players are collected transparently and then distributed to the treasury, with players getting rewarded in real-time.

The platform runs on the blockchain and rewards players based on their participation. $GSG, the native token, is used as a reward for players and to power value transactions within the ecosystem.

Building for the future

Only 1% of gamers globally are currently playing “play-2-earn” games.

Gamesta envisages a period of exponential growth powered by NFT technology.

By utilizing deep market research, a dedicated community of players, staking technology, and strategic industry investments — Gamesta is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this gap in the gaming and NFT market.

About Gamesta

Gamesta is an A.I.-powered Guild, enabling investors to connect and empower thousands of underprivileged players worldwide. Gamesta Guild believes the network of players playing it creates the value of any game. Regardless of his wealth or means, each player represents the same value in a digital game, investing their time and contributing to an ever-evolving metaverse.

Through blockchain technology, game developers can finally reward the loyalty of those players.

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