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GAMI Project Overview

If you are in the crypto space, you are probably familiar with the frequent mention of a launchpad by now. In general terms, launchpads help crypto projects raise funds, among other things. If that is your conception, then you are not wrong. It’s just that this time around, GAMI is changing our conceived notion of a crypto launchpad.

GAMI is launching a special-purpose cryptocurrency project launchpad that is solely dedicated to gaming projects. In other words, the GAMI project is an entire ecosystem where high potential gaming projects can launch and get quality nurturing that will help their project become a success.

So, welcome to GAMI! A decentralized launchpad and an incubator platform that merges the gaming world with blockchain technology. GAMI is where Leading names of the gaming and blockchain industries participate as founders, advisors, and partners for the best of blockchain games.

Why GAMI is Different

GAMI stands out from the pool of launchpads in the crypto space. The reason for this is not far-fetched — GAMI is dedicated to grooming the best games on the blockchain. Another point you should note is that GAMI is a decentralized and multi-chain project. This is contrary to the prevailing nature of launchpads. Usually, launchpads are constrained in the kind of projects they support based on blockchain.

A Notable Combination of Quality

If you are building a gaming project and you are convinced of its potentials, then GAMI is the right place for you. The benefits you will get are in two folds. GAMI is a gaming project launchpad and an incubation platform.

GAMI project launchpad aims to connect with communities by successfully pitching projects to target audiences and accessing project funding. An applicant to the GAMI platform can join the incubation process or launch the IDO process right away through the launchpad. GAMI also provides incubation services for applicants. Here projects are groomed to the best blockchain standards, including project marketing, market positioning, strategic partnerships, and the likes.

If you already have a gaming project that you do not yet know how to launch, GAMI is definitely waiting for you. It does not matter if you will go straight to the IDO or wants to be nurtured; GAMI definitely gives you the best combination of quality to choose from.

GAMI’s Tier System

GAMI users must stake GAMI tokens to participate in project launches. These tokens are used to determine whether the projects will be involved in the launchpad processes and the rights of those who will be involved via a tier system.

The token tier system on GAMI is fair for every IDO participant. Every tier has a guaranteed allocation, and the pool weights in each of them are balanced, ensuring that every user is satisfied with the number of tokens realized no matter the tier they fall into. In short, IDO participants do not have to worry about their choice of tiers because the pool weights would yield a decent amount of tokens to everyone.


GAMI was founded by a quartet of top industry leaders who have a built-up reputation for embarking on big projects. The founding team has vast experience in sports, gaming, business and finance, and advertising.


All IDO participants must stake GAMI tokens to partake in project launches. A total of 150 million GAMI tokens will ever be created. After the first year of the project launch, 30% of platform revenue (tokens) will be burned every month until the burned amount reaches 50 million GAMI tokens.

GAMI’s IDO is Coming!

GAMI will be announcing its token private token sale soon. You can check out GAMI’s website for more information. We will supply more information as they unfold. Get ready!

About GAMI

The GAMI project aims to be the number one decentralized blockchain project launchpad solely dedicated to gaming. GAMI aims to create an ecosystem that nurtures, incubates, and launches the best blockchain-based gaming projects.

You can learn more about GAMI from the links below:

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About Safelaunch

Safelaunch is a community-led DeFi project launchpad where innovative crypto-based projects can raise funds while also giving investors the opportunity to invest in projects before they go public. This creates a win-win situation for all parties. The goal of Safelaunch is to drive meaningful investment for community members as they grow their investment portfolio.

You can learn more about Safelaunch from the links below:

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