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How to use Metamask and connect to RPC for BSC/ETH transactions

Greetings Launchers!

In the past few weeks, SafeLaunch has experienced massive growth in all aspects of our platform. Community members have risen exponentially, and the number of high-quality launchpad IDO’s continues to arrive at breakneck speed!

While this success is humbling and SafeLaunch has future solid plans to ensure this progress continues, new community members are somewhat unsure of some fundamental aspects of SafeLaunch’s accessibility.

One of the topics in question was instructions on connecting Metamask with SafeLaunch’s wallet for various interactions such as token transactions and IDO services.

This article clearly explains the procedure on how to connect with SafeLaunch’s wallet and avoid any future confusion for our community.

Step 1

Head over to SafeLaunch’s website and click ‘Connect Wallet’ in the top right-hand corner. When the pop-up appears, choose ‘Metamask.’

Step 2

When prompted to ‘allow this site to network?’ choose ‘Approve.’

Step 3

To change networks from Binance Smart Chain ↔️ Ethereum and vice versa, select from the drop-down menu at the top. Once clicked, there will be a list of networks that are available for connection. You will find here both ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ and ‘Binance Smart Chain.’

Step 4

Once the correct network is selected, use the Metamask interface to execute desired actions.

NOTE: Both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain charge gas fees for transactions on their platforms. Ethereum users must have a sufficient balance of $ETH in their wallet, and for BSC, the native currency is $BNB, which will also be needed to complete transactions.

The process is complete! Using Metamask, users can interact with SafeLaunch’s wallet, which includes buying and sending tokens and launchpad IDO interactions.

Thanks community and good luck!

About SafeLaunch

SafeLaunch is a decentralized venture capital community allowing SFEX token holders to invest in the private, seed, and IDO rounds of exciting early-stage projects, removing barriers that previously made such opportunities off-limits except to a limited number of people and firms.

To find out more about SafeLaunch, please visit our social channels:

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