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Light Year Project Overview

With over 3 billion individuals representing more than 40% of the world’s population constantly playing games, the gaming industry has grown massively. It is now estimated to be worth over $300 billion, according to research.

MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) have been discovered to give an avenue for players to engage in adventure and action role-playing games, as well as enjoy the freedom of expression, receive prizes, and expand their social networks by meeting new people.

According to research, the most recent MMORPGs are built on a play-to-earn model, demonstrating the gaming industry’s interest in play-to-earn games. In blockchain-based Play to Earn games, players can gain financial assets in the form of NFTs, which can be exchanged on an integrated marketplace. These games are changing the rules of the gaming industry and offering the next generation of gaming. As a result, many people are turning to games to supplement their income.

Light Year is a multi-blockchain-based, free-to-play, play-to-earn MMORPG that aims to bring players a unique space-like experience.

Light Year; Experience Space Action From Anywhere

Light Year is a blockchain-based play-to-earn space strategy game that provides players with a unique sense of space exploration, a mix of action, space wars and alliances, strategy, and a dash of adventure.

Light Year also incorporates DeFi farming technology, allowing users to earn additional revenue by staking their crypto assets.

Light Year In-Game Experience

Light Year is a platform that allows users to experience the thrill of space adventure by constructing new spacecraft, managing their fleets, recruiting heroes, mining for minerals, and battling invaders! To begin playing the game, all you have to do is stake some blockchain assets (for example, LP tokens or USDC). Light Year is a free game to play since you keep your staked goods when you depart.

Light Year’s Universe

In Light Year, players are provided with their own base planet that generates natural resources according to their hash rate. In the base planet, players can construct or modify mining rigs and defensive troops. Furthermore, when a player’s fleet is near their base planet, the player can adjust the configuration of the fleet.

As players progress in gameplay, they will be able to colonize more advanced planets. That will provide them with greater natural resources or ship-building bases.

To get their fleet from one system to another, players must use warping. Users can then trade or attack other players after warping. When a user takes anything to the trading hub in the center of the universe, they are withdrawing their NFTs or tokens from their wallet.

Light Year Staking/Mining and Hash Rate

Users who have little or no interest in playing the games can still earn by Staking tokens in the game’s liquidity pool.

Staked assets are held in the most trustworthy DeFi farms in BSC and Polygon, and users can stake numerous tokens or LP pairings in the game. Users will get commodity tokens of the virtual universe rather than the original yields, and their APR will be greater as the game contributes value to the ecosystem.

The earned interests or mining incentives will not be paid to you directly; instead, we will use a word called “hash-rate” to quantify your contribution to the game’s ecology. When mining natural resources in the game, the higher your hash rate, the bigger your multiplier.

Light Year’s Fleets And Ships

Natural resources are used to construct ships. The smallest ships are quite inexpensive, and a player may build a new one every few days by staking around $100.

If a player stakes more of their assets, they will be able to build more small ships with ease, but they will ultimately need to unlock new technologies to create the larger ships.

Ships are managed in fleets and up to 8 ships can be in one fleet. They are also classified according to the attributes they possess. Speed, Attack, Defence, Capacity, Agility, and Accuracy are all characteristics a ship can possess.

Players can combine two older ships of equal grades to create a new ship of a higher grade, with the new ship inheriting the quality of the two old ships.

Light Year Heroes

Heroes serve as captains of the ships and can be gotten by players using the LC (Light Coin), the native utility token of the game.

Heroes also have attributes that make them distinguishable. Zodiac signs, Survival rate, General effect, Partial effect, and Special skill are characteristics that ascribe different attributes to the heroes.

Light Year; Social Interaction Beyond Gaming

In Light Year, players can collaborate or compete with one another based on their plan in the game’s sociable PvE and PvP modes. A person can form his own alliance or even nation by staking enough LC tokens and inviting other players to join him.

Seasonal tournaments are also organized between alliances and nations, with the winning group of players earning exceptional rewards.

Light Year; GameFi Earning Redefined

Unlike regular Play-to-earn games, Light Year introduces a model that caters to both DeFi farmers and P2E players.

By investing in Light Year’s vaults using Liquidity Pairs or Single Token Assets, DeFi farmers assume the role of ecosystem producers. The system transmits the staked assets to external DeFi farming protocols to earn dividends and maintain the dividends while rewarding farmers with commodity tokens.

Consumers in the ecosystem are P2E players. They acquire commodities tokens from farmers and use them to accomplish a variety of tasks, like synthesizing starships, which are NFTs, to explore the uncharted areas; To improve their mining or combat abilities, they can upgrade their base or research.

Light Year Tokenomics

There are 5 in-game tokens available on Light Year, 4 of which are referred to as virtual universe commodities tokens: Energy, Iron, Gold, Silicate. These commodity tokens serve as natural resources that are needed by players to improve their mining and perform other activities in the game.

$LC (Light Coin) on the other hand serves as the platform’s governance and utility token. It serves a variety of purposes, including; rewards to players, fees for speeding up damaged/injured units’ recovery, fees for summoning heroes, medium of exchange for NFTs, and voting tickets on the decentralized governance.

About Light Year

Light Year is a blockchain-based space strategy game that endows players with the wildest experience of space travel by allowing them to mine natural resources, create space ships, battle, and trade with other players, and join alliances or governments. Furthermore, it also serves as a DeFi farming technology that optimizes users’ returns from staking their crypto assets.

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