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Monster Battle Project Overview

We are now in an era where gaming goes beyond entertainment and the mere passion to earn bragging rights. With the introduction of blockchain gaming, times have changed, expectations are sky-high, and gaming is a fusion of passion, entertainment and rich rewards.

Welcome to the new era! Welcome to the era of play-to-earn.

Early gaming projects on the blockchain made progress in the area of players’ rewards. The new generation of gameplay has now introduced tangible collectibles in the form of NFTs, while infusing an immersive environment that is just too real in the gameplay.

These days, gaming is all about NFTs, the metaverse, coupled with the traditional immersive and passion-filled gameplay. Monster Battle sits at this crossroad where rewards meet passion, and adrenaline matches result.

Here is a breakdown of what this BSC-built game has in stock.

Monster Cards

Initially, the game contains 72 unique monster cards that will be offered as NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. The cards are divided into:

  • 4 classes: Animals, Monsters, Plants, and Machines
  • 5 elements: flame, oceans, land, light, and forest
  • 4 occupations: soldier, healer, sorcerer, assassin
  • 5 levels of rarity: white, green, blue, purple, gold (according to their level of rarity)

Each monster has its unique strength cutting across combat effectiveness, gain coefficient, aggressiveness, element resistance bonus, life value, fatigue, and more.

This varying combination gives rise to a complex system where there is no precise formula for victory, subjugation, or domination. Feel free to explore all possibilities. Victory is at your discretion.

Summoner Cards

Summoners will be made available mid-game. They are avatars that represent players in-game, and they also serve as tickets to future game content. Holders of NFTs such as BAYC and Cryptopunks can get access to the game through dedicated airdrop campaigns in the future.

Combat System

The combat mode in Monster Battle is divided into two broad categories. Players can choose to partake in the PvP or PvE modes.

The PVE is further divided into autoplay mode and manual combat mode. The most enticing part of the PvE mode is the Tower of Death. In the Tower of Death manual combat mode, players can form their own card deck and engage in multi-card combat.

The most intriguing part of Tower of Death is the ever-increasing difficulty level and commensurate rewards. You sure do not want to step off the gas.

The PvP mode is where players get paired against each other based on the game matching algorithm. In this mode, only manual combat is possible.

NFT Marketplace

The Monster Battle NFT marketplace is a busy and robust environment where players can trade cards, rent NFTs and more. The marketplace is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain and players Are charged 5% as transaction fees, of which 3% flows into the repurchase pool. Monster NFT market provides an official repurchase channel, which can quickly recycle players’ cards, and the recycling price will be executed according to the average minimum transaction price in the current card market within 72 hours.

Monster DAO

Monster Battle’s end game is to become a community-owned project where community members make decisions on the course and direction of the game. Through DAO, in-game operations and governance will gradually move to the community over time.

Monster Battle’s community will be tasked with making the ultimate call on staking, liquidity provision, support for third-party developers, third-party services cost, and other forms of investment.

Monster Lab

The Monster Lab is Monster Battle’s in-house gamefi incubation platform. Through Monster Lab, The Monster Battle team aims to provide third-party developers access to enrich Monster Battle’s ecosystem by creating add-ons, additional game content, fan art, and more. Monster Battle aims to provide developers with the support they need in terms of finance, technological integration and other aspects deemed necessary.


Monster Battle is the brainchild of a group of experts who have — through years of working on multiple projects in the blockchain space — understood user needs and have pulled their resources together to bring the most exciting games to live on the blockchain. The team has extensive experience that cuts across product design, game development, software engineering, project management, and management consulting.


MBC is the official utility token of the Monster Battle gaming ecosystem. The MBC is a BEP-20 token, and a total of 1 billion MBC tokens will be in supply. 10% will be dedicated to DAO, 12% to private sales, while 4% will be offered during IDO. A further breakdown in the Whitepaper. All NFTs will be minted on the ERC721 standard.

Get ready for Monster Battle’s upcoming IDO!

The Monster Battle IDO will be launching very soon. Token sales will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Want to partake in the IDO? We will provide more information over time; just get ready — more information on Monster Battle’s website.

About Monster Battle

Monster Battle is a Hearthstone-inspired TCG style GameFi project, aiming to provide users with both an exciting game experience (by inheriting the delicate, intricate complexities in Hearthstone’s game mechanics ) and means to monetize their gaming talents and finesse. Apart from Gamefi, Monster Battle is also dedicated to building other components of technological infrastructure essential in realizing a true metaverse, including DAO and Defi.

More information on Monster Battle is below:

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About Safelaunch

Safelaunch is a seasoned community-owned and fully decentralized project incubation and crypto launchpad platform where the investor community gets early access to some of the finest, verified blockchain projects. Safelaunch creates a mutual ground where projects raise needed funds and investors invest in the most promising crypto projects.

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