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Oneto11 is the Gaming Platform for all situations

The increasing revenue evident in data obtained from the numerous Fantasy sports companies worldwide is an indicator that the Gaming sector has grown rapidly. The growth in this sector can majorly be ascribed to the increasing population of youth, affordability and availability of smartphones, rate of technological growth and internet infrastructure, and increased accessibility to Gaming Platforms.

Fantasy sports consists of a variety of online games that allow gamers to gain access to virtual gaming, including (but are not limited to) virtual leagues, One-on-one gaming (versus mode), adventure games, global tournaments, and so much more.

Regardless of the growth in this sector, some setbacks exist that bring limitations to the satisfaction users get from playing games on gaming platforms. An example of a major setback is that players can only have access to one game at a time.

Games on most platforms are limited to just one. This implies that unless a user wants to play fantasy football, he’ll have no use for a platform that offers only football as the fantasy game they provide. A User would only use a platform that appeals to their persona, and since most platforms only offer just one game, they’re limited to patronage from only fans of such games.

OneTo11 stands out with the innovation it brings. It improves existing models by providing a variety of games that give gamers exciting experiences while enriching them with opportunities to earn as they play.

All-Inclusive Gaming on OneTo11

OneTo11 seeks to take the Fantasy Gaming sector a nudge higher by providing a platform for players of all kinds to participate and experience gaming that appeals to their persona.

Fantasy Games for Sport Lovers

With games like Soccer, Cricket, American Football, Field Hockey and more available to play, OneTo11 caters for the interest of the vast market of sports lovers worldwide. Players can partake in tournaments and earn rewards playing their favourite sport on OneTo11.

Casual Digital Games on OneTo11

The market for Casual Gamers is one that several gaming projects have overlooked and left unattended. OneTo11, with provision for Casual and Educational Games like Trivia, Interest Optimized Quiz, Ludo, Fruit Slice and much more, provide an inclusive environment for Casual Gamers to have fun and earn while at it.

MMORPG Games Inclusive

MMO and RPG lovers have something good to look forward to. MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) refers to games where thousands of players come together in the same world (virtual world). MMO RPG games developed by OneTo11 offer a new world of adventure, danger and profits. Players can earn NFTs as in-game assets on OneTo11 and trade them on the integrated NFT marketplace.

OneTo11 provides a platform where there is a game suitable for every kind of player. With an ecosystem that features different games focused on meeting the specific needs of different gamer personalities, OneTo11 gives people the option to consume contents that transverse their daily lives, thereby amplifying the gaming experience and maximizing consumer utility.

Multiple Earning Opportunities on OneTo11

Multiple earning streams are made available on OneTo11.

Players can choose to participate in tournaments, and they do not necessarily need to become overall winners. Provided a player’s team is in the top 75%, that player is entitled to earnings on OneTo11.

OneTo11 stands out as the only platform where a user can Earn without actually playing. To earn, a user can choose to build communities and increase their network by utilizing the referral program on OneTo11. Users can earn 1.5% of contest fees whenever their referrals participate in paid contests. Users on the network can earn up to 11 levels of referral bonuses.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. This is what OneTo11 offers by providing an all-inclusive gaming platform that caters for all situations.

About OneTo11

OneTo11 seeks to revolutionize the Fantasy Gaming Industry with the innovation it brings to the market.

Standing out as the first Fantasy gaming platform to be built on the blockchain, OneTo11 offers users much more than just gaming. It provides its users with multiple earning opportunities while improving social interaction and networking on the platform.

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