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Own a Piece of the CryptoBlades World

By now, you would have become quite familiar with the Cryptoblades Kingdom gaming project. If you have not, then do not worry, we will give you a recap of what the BSC-built project is all about. We have already discussed the Cryptoblades, from the gaming environment to the in-game tournaments, reward system, and the NFT trading marketplace.

In this article, we will focus on another essential feature of the Cryptoblades Kingdom. We will be talking about Land Sale in the virtual world of Cryptoblades.

As promised, here is a recap of what the Cryptoblades project is all about.

CryptoBlades Project Recap

The Crytoblades Kingdom is a gaming project built on the Binance Smart Chain. It was developed by the multiple award-winning Riveted Games. The gameplay in Cryptoblades revolves around players acquiring powerful in-game heroes and legendary blades.

Players can engage in combats and participate in events to acquire SKILL. This SKILL can further enhance gameplay and purchase more sophisticated weapons in the NFT marketplace. Cryptoblade is a strategy game that requires tactical planning by players. The ultimate goal is to build a formidable team of heroes that you can use to dominate the Cryptoblades virtual world.

Within Cryptoblade, users can buy, sell, and auction their characters and minted NFT weapons. The more experienced and upgraded your NFTs are, the more fee you can command in the marketplace.

Land and Landscape in the Cryptoblades World

The Cryptoblades world is a 1000 x 1000 grid. Each node on the hexagonal grid is either empty, friendly, hostile, or abandoned. Players are dropped into a random node in a random section of the world as a friendly kingdom. To avoid been dropped randomly, you can pay more for a specific placement.

In Cryptoblades, there are three tiers of land labelled tier 1 — tier 3. Getting on Tier 1 is always random for all players. Tier 2 is much more expensive. Players can get lucky and get placed in tier 2 randomly. Otherwise, you will have to buy it for strategic gameplay. Tier 3 is less expensive than Tier 2. Players can be randomly placed there or have to buy strategically.

PVP Lands/ World

In the Player versus Player world of CryptoBlades Kingdom, you need to play strategically to outsmart your opponent. Land purchase and sales, and acquisition is an important aspect of this process.

In PVP mode, lands are categorized as either Empty, Hostile, or friendly. You can claim and build on an empty node as part of your overall game strategy. Although, this is only possible if the empty node is close to your kingdom. Otherwise, you might have to compete with other players to occupy such space.

Friendly nodes are owned by you, your kingdom, or your guilds. On the other hand, hostile nodes are not owned by you, your kingdom, or your guilds. They belong to your opponents and other players in the Cryptoblade world. As much as possible, hostile lands cannot be taken, but you can strategically plunder and harvest those lands for their weapons and resources.

Obviously, the land grab is an important strategy in Cryptoblade, so you need to acquire as many nodes as possible. You can easily pay a fee for a piece of land, build it up and sell it to other players as an in-game asset. In addition, holding a piece of land can be really strategic to you or some other players’ gameplay. You can command a sizable fee in this kind of situation.

About CryptoBlades Kingdom

Cryptoblades is one of the foremost blockchain-based NFT role-play games around. It provides a fun and profitable experience for players to compete in a Play-to-Earn game that meets the need of all gamers around the world.

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