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Privi Pix: An Instagram for NFTs x OpenSea Hybrid

Privi Pix ($PIX) is the newest decentralized web and mobile NFT app, in the Privi Ecosystem. The platform, soon available on both web and mobile, aims to provide the world a resurgent view of how we interact, consume, and invest in each other online. Privi Pix aims to change the narrative around social networks and financial markets by marrying the two industries in one decentralized ecosystem. Let’s explore how Privi Pix fits into our vision.

NFT platforms are disappointing

There is no excitement in decentralized NFT platforms. Unfortunate commonalities restrict creatives, stifling the progress of the industry. The lackluster characteristics include:

  • High gas fees making NFTs economically unfeasible as most platforms reside on Ethereum.
  • The slow progress of support systems. To date, there is no NFT equivalent to applications such as Instagram. NFT is only accessible through web browsers.
  • Platforms provide inadequate use cases for NFTs.
  • Communities have a minor stake in popular NFT platforms. Venture capitals centrally control the popular platforms.

So what’s Privi Pix doing?

Privi Pix, one of the dApps available in the Privi Ecosystem, brings all things NFT under one application, merging Web 2.0 with Web 3.0. We hope to invigorate the market by providing a platform allowing you to:

  • Create NFTs out of your digital creations.
  • Discover all NFTs on Ethereum under one platform.
  • Access to our application via your mobile app or the web browser.
  • Collaboration with other artists to build digital collections
  • Sell NFTs in auctions and at a marketplace.
  • Get collateralized loans using your NFTs.

We’ll carry out all our transactions on the Polygon blockchain to eliminate high gas fees but maintain Ethereum liquidity.

The Team

With a mixture of expertise and experience, our talented team delivers. Our co-Founders, Zach Badger and Angel Almenara guide a team of 80+ gifted individuals in providing a working NFT solution for the market. Zach Badger brings extensive experience developing new businesses, while Angel Almenara adds his technical expertise to our platform. Our co-CEO, Julian Voll, provides key insights on platform strategy with his 5+ years of strategic management consulting.

Privi $PIX Tokenomics

In Privi Pix, $PIX is is the token that powers the Privi Pix dApp, making trades within the application possible. Through $PIX, users can buy and trade NFTs, and customize how they’d like to earn and connect. Privi will also reward users for consuming media in the ecosystem using $PIX.

In addition to platform utility, our goal is to use the $PIX to control media to artists and fans through governance. By owning $PIX, artists and fans gain a powerful tool to help dictate the platform’s operations.


Users of our platform will receive $PIX rewards for providing liquidity and staking tokens in our app. Participants can stake $PIX in the app’s taxation pool to earn more rewards.

About Privi Pix

Privi Pix is an app where you can earn while you browse, buy and trade NFTs; creators can customize how they want to earn and connect, all with the standard bells and whistles of an Instagram mobile and web app, powered by the $PIX token. A component of the Privi Ecosystem, Privi Pix brings new dimensions to the NFT industry, giving content creators more freedom to express themselves.

Connect with Privi via:

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About SafeLaunch

Safe Launch is a decentralized project launchpad and incubator connecting investors to upcoming disruptive projects. Through our meticulous process, we select high-potential projects with proven backgrounds for the safety of investors. Our checks and balances ensure an equitable and secure experience for all our platform participants. Additionally, we provide a full DeFi suite to benefit promising platforms and investors.

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