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Privi Trax, Decentralized Spotify meets Axie Infinity.

SafeLaunch’s first IDO will take place on 10th August 2021, whereby our community can participate in the Privi Trax ($TRAX) token sale. Privi $TRAX is its own economy and is a standalone app in the Privi Ecosystem with its own governance, ownership and revenue structure.

About Privi Trax

Privi Trax is a decentralized music app (dApp) in the Privi Ecosystem.

Privi Trax is the first dApp to launch on Privi Zoo, a decentralized app store to which anyone can submit an app, become part of the Privi ecosystem, and take advantage of core Privi features and tools.

The goal of Privi Trax is to give back control to music artists and their fans through a unique set of tools, which can be summarised as a Spotify on the blockchain, pricing IPs that are mispriced or priced too low, DeFi tools, and gamification models similar to an Axie Infinity.

Key Features

  • Returns control to artists and listeners through decentralized governance.
  • Web and Mobile Music Player
  • Music DAO
  • Boost Rewards when attaching $TRAX tokens to songs
  • Music farming and locking liquidity in a song
  • With a low entry-level, listeners can lock tokens to get access to an allocation of listening hours per month(for listeners who do not feel ready for tokens, they can pay directly on a monthly basis as well)

IDO Token Sale

The token Privi $TRAX is aimed to raise $350K on multiple launchpads.(No VC or private presale for TRAX)

Investors can participate in the $TRAX token IDO through our platform at $0.035/token with 5% unlocked @ TGE, and 3 months vest, vesting daily.

SafeLaunch tiers

Peddler — 300 SFEX — 1x Base Allocation

Hustler — 500 SFEX — 2x Base Allocation

Merchant — 1500 SFEX — 4x Base Allocation

Wholesaler — 3000 SFEX — 7x Base Allocation

Broker — 6000 SFEX — 10x Base Allocation

Tycoon — 24000 SFEX — 18x Base Allocation

Monopoly — 48000 SFEX — 50x Base Allocation

Click here to buy SFEX on Pancakeswap


$TRAX holders will be able to access rewards when locking their tokens into the music stream taxation pool, actively participating in the network.

The initial circulation supply of the token is $17,5K, the market cap of $15K and with $200K DEX liquidity locked on Day 1.

A total of 100m TRAX are planned to be allocated in the following groups:

  • 41% Community platform rewards to spread TRAX to a large number of holders, and is dynamically distributed over an expected 8 years, future mechanisms and timeline will be voted upon by a decentralized governance mechanism of its community — 41,000,000 TRAX
  • 10% Public sale, unlocking over 3 months with 5% at token generation — 1,000,000 TRAX
  • 7% DEX liquidity, to provide sufficient liquidity for an efficient market mechanism — 700,000 TRAX
  • 20% Privi foundation, that is building the core tools for Trax and the ecosystem around it — 20,000,000 TRAX
  • 22% Team, unlocking over 2 years — 22,000,000 TRAX


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