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Remnant Labs is Facilitating the New Era of Play-to-Earn Fantasy Anime Game

Blockchain gaming has been on the rise for quite some time. Gaming has shifted from being project-centric to user-centred with the introduction of NFTs and the play-to-earn system. This has given players a new reason to play more, as in-game marketplaces have proven to be a powerful demonstration of how powerful these rewards can be.

In contrast to the game-specific rewards that have become common in the blockchain gaming space, Remnant Labs is constructing an interoperable ecosystem in which players will be able to move their NFT rewards cross-chain. The platform is ushering in a new era of blockchain-based fantasy gaming.

The Reward Bearing Fantasy Gaming Ecosystem

Remnant Labs’ concept differs from traditional gaming trends in which games are developed solely for entertainment. Remnant’s primary goal is to maximize rewards for all players. It has developed a system in which players can enjoy gameplays, earn NFTs as rewards, and then use these NFTs to earn staking rewards through farming.

The game mechanics are designed in such a way that gamers can earn rewards based on various classes of NFTs. Players can earn $REMN by staking their NFTs, which can then be used to earn more rewards and NFTs.

Cross-Chain NFT System

Remnant aims to make the NFT reward system more scalable. It has created a cross-chain network across Ethereum and Polygon where players can easily mint Alter Genesis NFTs and trade game assets across the in-house marketplace.

Remnant is building an ecosystem that offers freedom to all gamers and the ability to move assets as they deem fit with little to no charge. The system leverages the near-zero gas fee on Polygon to make asset movement and minting seamless.

Up and Running in 60 seconds

One of the factors that can contribute to NFT adoption is the ease of access. Remnant has made it very simple for first-timers looking to earn rewards in NFT. On the platform, minting your first NFT takes less than 60 seconds.

Rarity Score and Avatar Value

Your avatars are a major contributing factor to rewards in the Remnant ecosystem. It determines your rarity title, rarity score, and yield reward. The more a player wins rewards and rare assets, the higher the chances of increased yield.

Yield weight is scaled on 1 to 6, cutting across six rarity titles, namely Obsidian, Emerald, Lapis, Amethyst, Gold, and Relic. More titles and weights will be added along the line.

Players Title Perks

Players can receive in-game titles by holding a specific amount of perks which also grants them access to special perks. Players can acquire titles ranging from Explorer to Mercenary, Sentinel, Liberator, Hero, and Sovereign.

Perks range from daily login bonuses to huge weekly raffles, alter genesis NFTs, Discord heroes, and Tin Boxes.

The whole ecosystem is designed to maximize rewards for players across multiple blockchains.


REMN is the utility token of the Remnant ecosystem. It is an ERC20 token powered by Polygon MATIC. A total of 10 billion REMN tokens will be minted with an initial supply of 820 million tokens (8.2%). Starting Market cap @ $533,000. The REMN token will be used for platform governance and voting, in-game purchases, staking, and in-game rewards. 25% of the total token will be dedicated to Play-to-earn, 18% to staking, and 7% to Initial Offerings.

Participate in the Upcoming IDO!

Remnant Labs will be holding its IDO soon. Get ready to partake in this exciting project. Token price up for sale @ $0.00065. IDO is scheduled as follow:

  • January 22 — Safelaunch (private IDO)
  • January 27 — Thorstarter
  • January 29 — Safelaunch (Public IDO)
  • January 30 — Metalaunch

About Remnant Labs

Remnant Labs is a game development studio focused on decentralizing gameplay through the creation of a free-to-play game ecosystem. Remnant Labs’ ecosystem aims to usher in a new era of enjoyable and rewarding blockchain-based play-to-earn games in which gamers can leverage the benefits of NFTs to generate tangible value.

More about Remnant Labs in the links below:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord

About Safelaunch

Safelaunch is a dedicated project launchpad for emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. Safelaunch provides a platform for community members to gain direct access to high-quality, verified projects that have enormous growth potential. In exchange, project developers gain access to a dedicated community of investors, enabling them to easily raise capital for their projects.

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