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Remnant Labs Project Overview

Since Beeple’s record-breaking NFT sale in March 2021, the NFT market has been steadily rising. Not only have NFTs been in vogue, but they are also seeing increased adoption across a variety of industries and projects.

Non-fungible tokens have seen increased adoption and use cases in the gaming industry. NFTs have ushered in a new era of blockchain gaming powered by the play-to-earn economy, in which gamers no longer play games for the sake of having fun, but with the goal of winning tangible rewards and convertible in-game assets.

Despite this, there are many use cases and reward mechanisms that have yet to emerge from the trendy, sweeping NFT boom. Remnant Labs has discovered one such reward system and is developing an entire ecosystem to assist gamers in maximizing rewards via non-fungible tokens.

Remnant: Creating Next-Gen NFT Reward System

Remnant Labs is first and foremost a game development studio. It is developing the next generation of blockchain-enabled, free-to-play games. It has created an ecosystem based on two key functions: play-to-earn and staking.

Remnant Labs’ goal is to provide more value to gamers by developing an ecosystem in which they can play and enjoy quality games while having a seamless user experience and ease of access. The ecosystem also intends to reward players with NFTs as a store of value with scalability across blockchains and games.

Users will be able to freely play games with NFTs within the ecosystem and win rewards in the form of the native utility token, which can be staked/farmed to earn more valuable rewards. As players repeat the cycle, the process has been designed to have a multiplier effect.

Remnant NFT Collection

60 seconds! That is all it takes to transition from new user to Remnant gamer. As a new user, you can easily set up your account in less than a minute, purchase your first soft-mint NFT avatar, and begin gaming almost immediately. You can later connect your wallet and mint your NFT completely.

The Remnant avatar collection contains 5555 unique NFTs with over 240 possible character combinations. These characters are readily available on the market.

Remnant also has a unique collection of NFTs known as Alter Genesis NFTs that can only be acquired through the acquisition of a special in-game currency called $Shards.

Farming and Staking

Remnant exists to help gamers maximize the benefits of gaming. Its NFT farming is a testament to this. The ecosystem rewards gamers for staking their NFTs. The cycle allows players to stake their NFTs to earn $REMN, the platform’s native token. This token can then be used to purchase $SHARDS, a rare in-game currency, which in turn can be used to acquire more NFTs.

As players continue this cycle, Remnant Labs keeps working on the scalability of its ecosystem with the ability to use its NFTs across multiple games while transferring their characteristics across platforms.


There are numerous games that gamers can play for free in order to earn rewards within the ecosystem. It includes everything from Trial Events to Tower Defense and Multiplayer.

Trail events are held every 1–2 months. Players can win lucrative rewards such as Remnant Avatars, Alter Genesis NFTs, $REMN, $SHARDS, badges, character upgrades, and more in this gameplay.

Tower Defense gameplay is more akin to a challenge mode, with players deploying well-planned strategies to maximize stamina, manage resources, and deploy tools based on the strength of their characters. The rewards are usually in the form of $REMN.

Multiplayer is the third major mode of play. Players can deploy minted Alter Genesis characters in a 3D gaming metaverse in multiplayer mode. Within this metaverse, seasonal faction battles will be held.

Overall, the goal is to provide a variety of enjoyable gaming opportunities for players to enjoy while earning rewards.


There is a great deal that can be accomplished with Remnant Labs’ integrated marketplace. Here, players can freely trade their newly minted NFTs. Additionally, players will be able to trade fully minted Alter Genesis NFTs within. The marketplace provides a space for players to access a variety of characters, enhancing their gameplay and increasing their reward potential.


$REMN is the utility token of the Remnant Labs ecosystem. There is also $SHARDS which serves as an in-game currency. The utility functions of $REMN covers staking, governance, $SHARD purchase, and special events purchases. On the other hand, $SHARDS is an in-game premium token used for non-event purchases.

A total of 10 billion $REMN tokens will be minted with an initial market supply of 820 million tokens.

Get ready for Remnant Labs IDO!

Remnant Labs is set to commence its IDO. Do not miss out on this exciting project investment opportunity. Token price @ $0.00065. TGE AT 25%, over four months. The IDO is scheduled to hold as follows:

  • January 22 — private IDO on Safelaunch
  • January 27 — Thorstarter
  • January 29 — Safelaunch
  • January 30 — Metalaunch

About Remnant Labs

Remnant Labs is a game development studio focused on decentralizing gameplay through the creation of a free-to-play game ecosystem. Remnant Labs’ ecosystem aims to usher in a new era of enjoyable and rewarding blockchain-based play-to-earn games in which gamers can leverage the benefits of NFTs to generate tangible value.

More about Remnant Labs in the links below:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord

About Safelaunch

Safelaunch is a dedicated project launchpad for promising emerging crypto and blockchain projects. Safelaunch creates a platform that enables community members to get direct access to quality, verified projects with tremendous growth potential. In return, project developers get access to a dedicated community of investors, making it possible for projects to easily raise funds to finance their projects.

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