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SafeLaunch IDO Postponed: Maintaining Safety For Our Launchers

Hey Launchers!

We are more excited than ever to launch our decentralized launch station and provide our community with a platform that connects high-quality BSC projects to eager investors.

However, in light of current market conditions, we have decided it would be best to postpone our IDO indefinitely until the market is less volatile. We will keep all of you updated as we decide on a new date for our IDO. This postponement will not be long-term, so stay tuned for further announcements.

Next Steps

Our priority will always be to put our community first. In a highly volatile marketplace such as what we are experiencing now, our earliest supporters may be impacted seriously if we were to follow through with the launch.

We value our earliest supporters and newcomers very much so we are fishing for healthy market conditions to help SafeLaunch excel at the earliest stages. In light of this, we will capitalize on the change by utilizing the extra time to curate a more robust and diverse core community; we have plenty of great competitions coming for our earliest supporters to get involved.

What’s Going to Happen With The Whitelist?

In order to direct our focus to our community growth and making the IDO as seamless as possible, there are a few alterations being made to the current whitelist process. These changes include:

  1. The IDO will now be hosted by 3 handpicked launchpads that align with our core values.
  2. Current Whitelisted participants are still eligible but this whitelisting process has been altered
  3. All selected participants in this whitelist will be allowed to participate in a $50,000 private round B sale.

Token Price — $0.40

Vesting — 15% at TGE vested for 4 months with monthly unlocks

Spots available — 100

Allocation Per Spot — $500

As you are all aware, Our whitelist was initially set to close on June 20th, with the winner’s announcement taking place on June 21st. We are going to stay true to these dates. All previous entries to our whitelist are still valid! Follow the steps below if you haven’t yet entered and wish to qualify:

  1. Follow SafeLaunch on Twitter —
  2. Join SafeLaunch’s Telegram —
  3. Retweet our whitelisting tweet —
  4. Fill in the whitelist form —

Please note that you’ll be required to have a valid BEP-20 address, Twitter, and Telegram handle, and our team will vet every entry to prevent any form of cheating.

To achieve our goal of consistent core community growth and to align with our commitment toward making launchpads fair again. Our public sale will have access to 22.5% at our TGE, with the remainder distributed over the following three months. This alteration will lower our market cap to $163,730, less than half of what it was initially.

About SafeLaunch🚀

SafeLaunch is a decentralized project launchpad and incubator that guides projects of the highest pedigree towards launch. SafeLaunch connects disruptive ideas to intelligent investors, and through our stringent projects screening process, we ensure safety above all else. With safety as our top priority, we have implemented a wide array of techniques and in-house auditing systems to ensure an equitable and secure experience for all involved. All of this is further bolstered by a full suite of DeFi products to benefit holders and projects alike.

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By Mitchell Keller | Twitter | Edited by Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran and Humza Nasir- Lead Graphic by Caelan FlemmingsGD10.Ventures — Marketing division: enquiries



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