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SafeLaunch Investment in MonstersClan and Why we are Bullish

You probably know what Safelaunch stands for already and the kind of excitement that usually comes through every time we discover a new project that is verified to be full of promises. Again, we are proud to announce to you yet another project that has huge potential. One that you cannot afford to miss out on. It is a fusion of fun, excitement, investment, and lots of NFTs.

We are proud to announce to you our investment in MonstersClan.

MonstersClan: Unleash Your Monsters on the Blockchain

Monsterclan is a virtual NFT game that is set on the lifestyles of monsters in their world. The game is all set to change the dynamics of playing NFT games as you have never seen before. In MonstersClan, monsters compete and fight for pride, dominance, and glory. It is about the survival of the fittest.

The Gameplay

Set up in the world of monsters, you can get started by purchasing your monster(s) in the in-game NFT marketplace or you can buy your potion and process it in the lab.

Don’t get it all twisted, let’s break it down.

In MonstersClan, all kinds of unique features further make the game interesting. There are monster islands, potions, feeds, caves, grounds, cauldrons, and the monster laboratory.

Here is how it works.

To avoid being an orphan (just a joke), your monster needs to be housed. This house is called Grounds in MonstersClan. Within the house (ground), your monster needs to have a cave, which serves the purpose of a room. So, you either need to own where you put your monsters or take over one. Everything is fair in MonstersClan

Now that your monsters have a place to rest and relax, they need to feed. Monster feed is what you need to make your avatars stronger. Different kinds of feeds nourish and upgrade your monsters — poopy shake, urinade, chilled mucus, and many more (monsters indeed).

Now to the business end. You can make potions in potion cauldrons when you have potion monsters. Usually, this potion is used to manufacture unique baby monsters in the laboratory. However, you can decide to sell your potion or your baby monster. You should also know that the kind of potion you have determines the kind of monsters you can manufacture.

Ultimately, it is about fighting to win by building the most formidable combination of monsters possible. Take part in PVP matches and fight in tournaments to win rare rewards like gems and coins.

The game mechanics are in this manner — collect and own monsters — create monsters — feed monsters — monsters trading — battle mode.


$MONS is the official utility token of the MonstersClan game. It is the only means of conducting all in-game activities and purchases. $MONS is a BEP20 token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain network.

You can buy trade monsters, rent caves, buy grounds, potions, feeds, and many more with $MONS.

Reward System

There are different forms of rewards in MonstersClan. First, you are rewarded with a level upgrade when you win PVP battles. You also get increased XP along with it. As you move up the level ladder, you also win gems and coins after reaching specific milestones.

You also stand the chance to win some rare characters by staking $MONS over a certain period of time.

Why We are Bullish

It is not just another routine project announcement for us, it goes far more than that. We are proud to own up that we are the pioneer of investment fused in fun.

Our community of launchers already knows what they stand to gain whenever we come with a verified project. It is all about access to rare opportunities of first entry, initial investment, and boundless room for rewards. We are bullish about that.

We also provide the needed atmosphere for young projects to thrive and live up to their expectations. They get what they want, and our community of launchers gets what they need.

We are the real definition of “win together, grow together”.

MonstersClan IDO is Here

MonstersClan’s IDO is all set to take place on seedify, Redkite, and Prostarter. $MONS will be listed on Pancakeswap on 15th September 2021.

You can check out MonstersClan’s official website to learn more.

About MonstersClan

MonstersClan is dedicated to changing the way we play NFT-based games on the blockchain. With MonstersClan, games are meant to be fun, giving joy and freedom to everyone who loves to play games.

The team MonstersClan comprises seasoned game developers, software engineers, and crypto enthusiasts who have a strong passion for developing adventurous games and working on exciting projects. They are dedicated to upgrading and optimizing MonstersClan to make it better for every gamer.

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About SafeLaunch

SafeLaunch is the Y incubator of the cryptocurrency world. SafeLaunch discovers innovative projects in Decentralized Finance and provides them with all necessary support they require to achieve their expectations.

By linking these projects up with its ever-vibrant community of investors, SafeLaunch helps projects raise awareness, draw necessary attention, and raise needed funds. In return, the SafeLaunch community builds its investment portfolio. At SafeLaunch, it’s all about mutual benefit.

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