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SafeLaunch Investment in VikingsChain: Why We are Bullish

We already have a well-built-up reputation at SafeLaunch for discovering some of the finest projects in DeFi. This time around you can rest assured that we have come back with another exciting project. A gaming project that aims to change online gaming from what we are used to. This project is none other than the VikingsChain Project.

Here is why we invested.

The Legendary Blockchain Competitive Gaming

The project name is a fusion of two terms — “Vikings” and “Chain”. Vikings come from the ancient warring tribe that once roamed around Europe and the ruthlessness with which they operate. Chain refers to the blockchain technology upon which the whole gaming project runs.

That said, in VikingsChain, players typically build up, train, equip, and upgrade their chosen in-game avatar (heroes). The idea is that you use your hero to compete against those of other players by fighting and winning battles.

VikingsChain battles have been structured in a manner where they can be fought in 1v1 or 2v2 situations. Additionally, VikingsChain will periodically host tournaments and arena matches where real heroes compete against one another. Like the old saying “ winner takes it all”.

Apart from heroes training and tournaments, VikingsChain also has a unique weapon tier feature. As you win battles, earn rewards, and fill up your EXP bar, you get to upgrade your weapons and challenge for more rewards. The whole idea is for players to dominate and have the bragging rights of the VikingsChain world.

But that is not all.

VikingsChain Tokenomics and Reward System

VikingsChain is not all about the fun and gameplay alone. Players also get to make money and build investments while doing what they love.

The VikingsChain gaming ecosystem has been built to reward gamers. Through the use of the VikingsChain token, players can place bets in 1v1 matches (winner takes it all). Additionally, tokens are given as rewards during organized tournaments and arena matches.

Running on the Binance Smart Chain, players can use their token as a medium of exchange to upgrade their heroes, weapons or to trade avatars.

Here is a lucrative piece!

Your in-game assets (heroes and weapons) have real-world values and can be traded as NFTs. So the experience level certainly counts for something. The more experienced your hero is, the more valuable it becomes. The same applies to your weapons.

Why We are Bullish

We have always been confident about the projects that we bring on board and this is no exception. The only thing with VikingsChain is that you are also confident in your investment as well. The more your heroes build to experience the more valuable they become as NFTs.

On VikingsChain, we are not just allowing our launchers to invest their money alone, they also get to experience the fun firsthand, and watch as their investment grows substantially.

Additionally, as the VikingsChain network grows and more people join along the line, the value of its tokens will naturally appreciate. Being able to allow our community base to be part of the initial investments means that all SafeLaunch community members who invested will see their stock rise exponentially. These are part of our foresight, and we are bullish about that.

VikingsChain IDO on SafeLaunch is Around

The VikingsChain IDO on SafeLaunch will take place on September 16th @ 1PM UTC. We will provide you with more information as the day draws closer.

About VikingsChain

VikingsChain is not just another regular gaming project. It perfectly blends fun with the ability to make real investments. Built on the chain, VikingsChain aims to become one of the most exciting projects that will disrupt online gaming as we currently know it.

VikingsChain is the brainchild of a group of experts who have worked on some of the most interesting projects in gaming and blockchain. The VikingsChain team has worked on more than 20 gaming projects, engaging over 100 thousand gamers along the line. The team also has rich experience working on blockchain-related projects. Bidaochain, Binance Angel, and IBM are just some of the places that Team VikingsChain have worked in the past.

Learn more about VikingsChain with the links below:

Website | Telegram | Discord | Twitter | Medium

About SafeLaunch

SafeLaunch’s mandate is to discover young and exciting projects within the Decentralized Finance space in cryptocurrency. Upon discovery, SafeLaunch helps these projects scale by providing them with the needed platform to scale and grow. SafeLaunch ensures that young projects attract funds by mobilizing its community members to invest in these high-potential projects. That way, projects raise funds, and community members build investments. At SafeLaunch, it’s always raining investment.

Learn more about SafeLaunch:

Twitter | Website| Medium | Telegram | Discord



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