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SafeLaunch investment & why we’re bullish

Fidira will build on SafeLaunch’s investment to keep developing its unique protocol and attract potential NFT projects in the long run.

Fidira Utilizes SafeLaunch to Hold Private Funding Round and IDO.

Many Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects have leveraged SafeLaunch’s unique ecosystem to promote their tokens and increase adoption. The latest to benefit from SafeLaunch’s innovative protocol is Fidira, built on the Polygon Layer 2 Ethereum network.

The private sale listing price was $0.1. As of this writing, Fidira is already sold out, with 60000 BUSD already raised. With this in mind, Fidira has profited from the SafeLaunch platform, and it will go a long way in its development.

The IDO for $FID token will be held on SafeLaunch Launchpad on 25th October @ 1 PM UTC , the token price will be $0.15 and with vesting period as following : 10% at TGE, and unlock over 3 months.

What Is Fidira?

Fidira is developing a go-to portal for Non-fungible Token (NFT) projects. It has created a straightforward way for users to associate with cryptocurrencies using its native Fidira gift card via a state-of-the-art global distribution network.

With Fidira’s global distribution network, NFT partners will access a wide range of user adoption. In addition, NFT partners will offer their own exclusive NFTs through Fidira gift cards to promote their projects to a broad audience.

Fidira will also offer NFT partners distribution of their exclusive artwork and NFTs through the innovative staking portal, allowing users to access partners’ NFT catalog and drive more adoption to their ecosystem. Fidira is the first platform to provide mass user access to crypto NFTs worldwide.

Features of Fidira Ecosystem

There are many unique features on the Fidira platform. Below is a list of the amazing benefits of the Fidira Ecosystem:

  • Purchasing Fidira gift cards ensures that users have easy entry into crypto markets, NFTs, and DeFi.
  • Easy access to both physical and virtual gift cards via a global network of retail distributors.
  • On-boarding services for transitioning crypto participants, including vendors.
  • Easy access to its rich services with its user-friendly interface.
  • Improved scalability promoted by its Polygon network foundation.
  • An NFT creation and distribution portal.
  • An NFT marketplace.
  • DeFi yield optimization engine.
  • Fully backed DeFi crypto credit card set to launch in the future.
  • Huge support from top global partners like EML Payments LTD, Globiance, and InComm Global Gift Cards.

The $FID token also offers a license to Fidira governance Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and a strong use-case. In essence, users will pay network fees such as exchange trading fees, withdrawal fees, DeFi lending fees, and other fees for using $FID.

Users who stake Fidira NFTs will earn from these network fees through participation in governance. Governance rewards will be given out to users, and those with higher NFT stakings will receive more significant rewards.

About SafeLaunch

SafeLaunch is a decentralized project launchpad and incubator that connects investors to budding projects in the DeFi space. The protocol selects the most secure projects with proven backgrounds, ensuring that investors’ funds are safe. In summary, SafeLaunch provides a complete DeFi suite for the benefit of both investors and promising platforms.



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