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Solster, Diversifying Decentralized Finance.

SafeLaunch’s Community Private Funding Round launches on 6th August 2021, whereby our community can participate in the Solster ($STR) token launch. Community members get to purchase $STR tokens at a lower and attractive rate compared to the subsequent Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and public sale.

About Solster

Solster Finance is an ecosystem that helps investors to diversify their decentralized finances.

The platform looks to democratize cryptocurrencies investment & bring Solana adoption in fruition.

It’s an integrated ecosystem that introduces an all-in-one solution to launch and manage DeFi. It supports all the major Solana-based wallets along with the local inline wallet management system.

Solster will integrate a launchpad to fundraise new Solana-based projects. Further, it will have DEX, token swapping, staking, vesting & other capabilities.

Key Features

  • Solster ecosystem will have these solutions:

- IDO Launchpad for Decentralized Fundraising

- DEX for Crypto Trading

- Token Swap

- Token Staking

- Token Vesting

- Lottery Platform

  • DeFi Community Support: To build a well-engaging community for well-planned promotions, giveaways, competition activities, and token stacking interest.
  • Equal Opportunity for IDO Investment: Solster offers healthy opportunities to private and public sales investors by limiting the investment cap. It’s undertaken in a fair approach to purchase IDO tokens.
  • Guaranteed Allocation to All Participants: The hallmark of the Solster Launchpad is a two-round system that makes every tier level guaranteed token allocation.
  • Customer Support: Streamlined support with defined timescales. Solster offers 24*7 by chats and online ticketing system.
  • Competitive Platform Fees: The fees will be kept nominal and marginal for IDO launchpad, DEX, swap, lottery, and other competition acts.
  • Investment Security: Releasing of IDO raised amount to Projects based on milestone to ensure all the users fund are safe and cannot be misused.
  • Decentralized KYC
  • Auto Token claim

Funding Rounds

The token $STR is aimed to raise $1,36M with 26% of token supply throughout initial offering. The total token supply equals to 100,000,000 $STR with fully diluted market cap of $6.5M

Investors can participate in the private launch through our platform for $STR tokens at $0.05/token with vesting period of 10% unlocked on TGE, 10% each week linearly thereafter .

Private: $0.05, 10% unlocked on TGE. 10% each week linearly thereafter

Public: $0.065–30% unlocked on TGE. 10% each week linearly thereafter.

SafeLaunch tiers

Peddler — 300 SFEX — 1x Base Allocation

Hustler — 500 SFEX — 2x Base Allocation

Merchant — 1500 SFEX — 4x Base Allocation

Wholesaler — 3000 SFEX — 7x Base Allocation

Broker — 6000 SFEX — 10x Base Allocation

Tycoon — 24000 SFEX — 18x Base Allocation

Monopoly — 48000 SFEX — 50x Base Allocation

A snapshot will be taken leading up to the raise and, an hour before, all qualifying addresses will be whitelisted without the need to fill any form.

Click here to buy SFEX on Pancakeswap

The Team

The Solster team has a union of Technical Experts, Marketing Professionals, and Experienced Advisors. Each one with a unique and peerless experience has a passion to work for the betterment of Cryptocurrency trading, Launchpad and staking.

Darshit Parmer, the Founder, is the Member of Blockchain Council. Darshit is a business consulting stalwart. The years of experience on small to large sized commerce enterprises have allowed him to explore broader ideas as online sales, data analytics, customer engagement model, cryptographic model, blockchain protocols, software, and smart contract security. He has collected certifications by Google Analytics and Oracle 9i, IBM Blockchain Essential in his 16 years of journey with the IT industry.


Solster is bringing $STR crypto tokens for utility. It’s subject to coin burning. After the year’s completion of crypto token launching, that is July 2022, and at least 2% of the token supply will be burnt. It means, the min of 2% and max of X% of the total tokens will be removed from the circulation every quarter (starting from July 2022).

It will ensure the token utility of $STR tokens remains stable and slows down the inflation rate.

The proof of the burning mechanism will secure and validate the blockchain system for healthy token burning.


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