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Tank Battle Project Overview

Over the last decade, blockchain technology has reshaped numerous industries, including the multibillion-dollar gaming industry. Gaming has evolved from a pay-to-play model to a play-to-earn model.

In other words, players are no longer motivated solely by the desire to win and earn bragging rights. Blockchain gaming has ushered in an era in which players can play games to earn tangible rewards that can be monetized through specially designed marketplaces.

As the play-to-earn model grows in popularity, it is beginning to deviate from what is truly important — fun and enjoyment for game players — as more game projects prioritize reward distribution over creating a game that keeps players engaged. This has created a chasm that only a handful of games have ever been able to bridge.

Tank Battle is a new gaming project that recognizes the value of a fun game. The game has been designed to seamlessly integrate the traditional play-to-earn model with a new one known as play-for-fun. This way, players can maximize both pleasure and reward at the same time.

The Real-time Strategy Game

Tank Battle is all about strategic thinking, and this is where the fun begins. Tank Battle is a real-time strategy battle game that requires players with varying levels of intelligence to use strategy and tactics to create formations capable of defeating opponents.

To win, players must think creatively in order to match their skill set to their tank’s capabilities and defeat their opponents. This results in an engrossing experience, as players are constantly forced to consider which strategy and formation will ensure victory and reward.

Players who participate in Tank battles eventually earn more than just NFTs as a reward. They will be able to hone their cognitive abilities and enhance their teamwork experience through strategy development. The ultimate goal is to have fun and earn rewards.

Tank Battle Game Modes

Tank Battle has been designed into four strategic game modes to continuously enhance players’ interests. The four game modes currently enabled are PVP, PVE, Alliance war, and Tournaments. These different game modes enable players to test themselves against each other, and also work in teams to compete for rewards.

Through these game modes players will be able to compete for valuable in-game resources, and upgrade their strategy and formations to conquer the Tank Battle world and territories.

Tank Classes

Nothing beats bragging about owning the most lethal panzer in the Tank Battle ecosystem. In-game, you can choose from a variety of tank classes. The power of your fire and your maneuverability will be determined by your tank class.

Within Tank Battle, you can explore a variety of options such as Heavy Tanks, Medium Tanks, Light Tanks, Tank Destroyers, Self-Propelled Guns, and Support Tanks. These classes differ in terms of functionality, firepower, and utility. You are free to experiment and deploy.

NFT Marketplace

The marketplace creates a level playing field for all players to acquire new tanks or tank parts as they deem fit. There are quite a number of things that players can do in the marketplace. Players can easily buy, sell, auction, or lease tanks.

The lease auction enables players to spend less, while trying out new tanks that they feel can improve their gameplay. Here is the secret, the marketplace is the perfect place to assemble the most fearsome squad/force. Whatever options you decide to go for, just ensure that it fits into your overall tactics.

Partners and Investors

The Tank Battle project is already showing promise and it has successfully gained investments and partnership from some of the most established investors in the crypto space. Some of them include, OEC., The dynasty, Kretos Ventures, LaunchZone, OxBull, among others. To view the list of partners, you can check out their website.


$TBL is the official utility token of Tank Battle. It will serve as the major means of exchange for all transactions. $TBL can be earned by converting in-game rewards such as gems and gold to tokens. The token will also be used for platform governance and voting. A total of 1 billion $TBL tokens will ever be created.

Anti-Deflammatory Mechanism

The Tank Battle team has put a deflationary mechanism in place that ensures that $TBL maintains its value. The deflationary mechanism is in several parts.

Limited NFTs: The total number of NFTs in circulation at any given point is ever regulated. This helps to preserve the value of existing tank NFTs. Also, the creation of more NFT is vetted through a voting process.

Gold Reward Lock: Players will be taxed 50% of their rewards if they claim all of it at once in $TBL the very day it is earned. Tax drops by 10% for every day that the reward stays. Players will be able to claim their rewards without any form of tax from the fifth day. Additionally, there is a 10% bonus that accrues for every gold that stays beyond the tenth day. The 10% will be added every five days until the 20th day.

Token Burn: There will be limited NFT sales for the first two month from project launch. Sale will be done using $BUSD. The $TBL token will be used from the third month of sale. All $TBL tokens received via NFT sale will be burned.

Get Ready for Tank Battle IDO

Tank Battle IDO has been scheduled to take place between 17th and 21st January, 2022. The sale will take place on three platforms namely, OxBull, Tank Battle launchpad, and LauncZone pad. The sale schedule is as follow:

  • January 17–18 (Tank Battle launchpad)
  • January 20 (LaunchZone Pad),
  • January 21 (Oxbull)

Get ready to participate in this promising project. Token price @ $0.017 per token. 10% TGE unlock (lock 3 month, linear vesting 18 months). You can find out more information on the Tank Battle website.

About Tank Battle

Tank Battle is a turn-based war-themed strategy game with a completely new style and variety of game modes. Tank Battle’s fundamental goal is to create a world in which each player has a role and to change community prejudices with an NFT Game product that is not only a Play to Earn but also a Play for Fun.

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