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VikingsChain Project Overview


Gaming has been one of the ways many people find pleasure and unwind over the years.

over the last decade though, it has proven to be more than an instrument of pleasure. According to Statista, the revenue from global video gaming on PC for 2020 alone was estimated at $37 billion.

This is a huge revenue for game development companies.

For online gamers, playing in tournaments and winning competitions not only bring in some valuable income but also cements your place among the global superstars in a particular game.

The advent of blockchain technology, however, is gradually changing gaming as we used to know it. Several gaming projects are now emerging on the chain. These projects do not only bring the promises of pleasure, they also provide gamers with the opportunity to make substantial monetary gains and even build valuable investments.

One of such projects that are redefining gaming as we know it is VikingsChain. VikingsChain provides the perfect environment for gamers to build real investment while enjoying the comfort of the Vikings gaming experience.

The Idea Behind VikingsChain

VikingsChain is a battle game that requires multiple players to compete against each other. As a player on the Vikings network, you get to train heroes (your characters), fight battles, and win rewards in competitions.

The game is inspired by “Vikings” who were a valiant warring tribe in Europe, and the Blockchain technology upon which the game is built.

VikingsChain Technology

The technologies behind VikingsChain are some of the best, both in the gaming industry and in the blockchain.

On the gaming part, VikingsChain is built with Unity. Unity provides VikingsChain with high-quality visuals and rendering effects and combines this scripting language with intuitive tools.

To cap it up, VikingsChain launches on the Binance Smart Chain technology for blockchain contract and NFT development. BSC proudly offers a low cost of transactions and a high-performance network.

VikingsChain Features

There are some really interesting in-game features that you can explore. Some of these features include heroes training, tournament battles, and weapons tiers. The aim is to create a bond between gaming crypto enthusiasts to play to win and play-to-earn.


As said earlier, it is about winning with your favorite heroes. To win battles, you need to first train your heroes to be battle-ready. As your heroes fight and win, they gain EXP Bar that shows how experienced a particular hero has become. As you win in battles and win rewards you also get to upgrade your weapons and become more superior in tournaments.

VikingsChain Tournaments

Vikingschain will host tournaments and arena matches on a seasonal basis where winners get to win a sizable amount of tokens.

VikingsChain Tokenomics

The VikingsChain token will be the medium of exchange. With the token, players will be able to acquire superior weapons that increase their chances of winning battles. The VikingsChain token will also be given as a reward to winners of the seasonal tournaments and arena matches.

About VikingsChain

VikingsChain is one of the latest projects that seek to disrupt gaming as we have always known it. Built on one of the most sophisticated game development platforms, and supported by the ultra-fast Binance Smart Chain, VikingsChain aims to provide online gamers with an avenue to make more out of their hobbies.

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