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Does Having a Lesbian Sex Dream Make You Gay?

Much like preventing forest fires, only you can figure out if your lesbian sex dream means something about your gayer subconscious

Written by Miriam Tanenbaum

You’re a lady, and you had a dream where you were getting down and dirty with another lady. Now you might either be panicking a little, or just looking for answers. Both of those reactions are completely legitimate, as is having the dream and not analyzing it. Chances are, though, that if you are reading this, you are analyzing it, so I digress. If you’re asking yourself what this dream could possibly mean about your sexuality, this is the article for you.

The short answer is that it doesn’t have to mean anything. We have dreams for any number of reasons, and a sex dream about a woman isn’t necessarily your subconscious lesbian goddess clawing its way out of your brain and into your life. If you consider the dream, and realize that you genuinely have no interest in being intimate with a woman, the dream does not make you anything that you’re not. The dream could mean something else entirely, it could mean nothing at all, or it could mean you really need to get laid. Dream analysis is a fickle and inexact science, but you probably still need to get laid. Be sure to exchange info on the Safely app to get laid responsibly! And check out some advice on how to kiss, right here.

All that being said, it’s also entirely possible that this is a safe, private, and judgment free way for your brain to explore some latent desires. It could be your mind trying to nudge you in a gayer direction (which is, of course, any direction other than straight), or just a reminder to consider your options, and not be rigid in your sexuality or defined by what you’ve previously wanted. Sexuality is fluid, and preferences can change over time. Think about what it is that you want in your life, and if this dream could have been trying to tell you something. In the end, much like preventing forest fires, only you can figure out if your lesbian sex dream means something about your gayer subconscious. Discovering your sexuality is a personal and ongoing journey. There aren’t easy answers, but through self-reflection and understanding, you can reach some clarity.

The real truth of it is that having a lesbian sex dream does not definitely mean any one thing. All it absolutely serves as is a reminder to check up on yourself, how you’re doing, and what you want. If, after some self-reflection, you realize that you actually are curious about or interested in women, then it may be time to pursue that and see what happens. If you think you may be interested in women, but you either don’t want to or aren’t ready to explore that feeling, that’s fine too! Or if you just aren’t into women at all, that is also totally fair. All that this dream is, is a possible reminder to occasionally explore your sexuality, whether that is with men, women, both, neither, or just by your bad self.




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