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What are the health benefits of having sex?

There are several potential benefits that sex has to offer to those who desire and enjoy it. The opposite is also true: engaging in sex when it is not desired or when it is non-consensual can increase stress, lower self-esteem, and adversely affect the body. Here are some of the benefits of sex according to current research:

1. Stronger immune system

IgA levels, essential to immune response to viral infection, is 30% higher in subjects who had sex 1–2 times per week, compared to those who were abstinent.

2. Better bladder control

Use it or lose it! Using your pelvic muscles maintains their contractility.

3. Reduced pain

Sexual arousal and orgasm releases endorphins and corticosteroids that can increase pain thresholds.

4. More restful sleep

Oxytocin stimulates feelings of warmth, relaxation, and sedation; and after sexual release, tension that has built up in the body also releases.

5. Eases stress and lifts mood

Thanks to the release of endorphins, sex creates feelings of intimacy and relaxation, and wards off anxiety and depression.

6. Improves memory and analytical thinking.

7. Healthy sexual tissues

Women who remain sexually active post menopause are less likely to experience vaginal atrophy and vaginal dryness. Regular increase in blood flow keeps erectile tissue healthy.

8. Regular periods

Regular sexual activity regulates menstruation.

9. Lowers pregnancy risks like preterm delivery and pre-eclampsia.

10. It may be easier to conceive

Sperm motility may decrease with abstinence and female orgasm may increase fertilization rates.

11. Increased self-esteem

Positive sexual experience and masturbation correlate with positive body image and lessen sexual anxiety

12. Increased closeness and intimacy

Thanks to the release of oxytocin, sexual expression stimulates feelings of affection, intimacy, and closeness.



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