First client chunk stored on 60 vault MaidSafe network

Last week, on the 14th Nov 2013 to be exact, our first client chunk of data was stored in our 60 vault mini MaidSafe network.

The chunk was then retrieved and verified by the client with the chunk content remaining consistent, despite many stages of transmission.

The procedures covered by this process include :

client Creates its Account on network

-> client Registers its Pmid to network

-> client retrieves its PmidHealth to verify whether the previous registration of Pmid succeeded or failed

-> client Puts one chunk into network

-> client Gets the stored chunk to verify whether the previous put succeeded or failed

Although there are some missing implementations and observed problems that had to be bypassed during this first system integrated network wide test, it proves the possibilities of the MaidSafe network and the functionalities of current design/implementation handling self-authorisation and data put/get requests.

The Following diagrams illustrate data flows that were covered during the test, missing implementations or observed problems are highlighted in red.