Onwards and Upwards

It has been an extremely busy period at MaidSafe and we’re glad to report the long hours and commitment are paying off. As we announced on our forum, the start of the roll out of the SAFE (Secure Access for Everyone) network has now begun. The first of 3 external networks, test network 1, is now up and running and consists of 200 nodes spread across the globe, located in Singapore, San Francisco, Amsterdam and New York.

This test network is significant as it’s the world’s first operating, autonomous and server less network that enables self authentication. Self authentication is a crucial component enabling, for the first time, users of this network to be in control of their own data, allowing login to the network without the knowledge or involvement of third parties, providing completely private and unilateral access to personal data.

The second of three planned test networks (prior to beta launch in Q4, 2014) will follow shortly, where we will add messaging functionality and public sharing. During test network 2, developers will also start to run applications on top of the network. Alt-coin wallets, unlimited file storage and sharing applications, a decentralised music store, secure messaging applications and a decentralised currency exchange are all currently under development. Test network 3 will see the implementation of test safecoin, the SAFE network’s digital currency. This creates, for the first time, a viable financial model for a P2P network, providing rewards for network contributions.

To allow MaidSafe to continue to maintain and increase this momentum, we are also currently expanding our core internal engineering staff. To bolster this effort, MaidSafe continue to aid and support the roll out of international development pods, a group of motivated and technically skilled individuals who wish to contribute to the underlying SAFE network code, as well as build applications on top of the network. Each pod will be rewarded for their contributions in safecoin, enabling the pods to become self sustaining. At present, pods are active in both San Francisco and Montreal with another starting in Washington DC during the autumn.