SAFE Network April Monthly Round up

Once again we are rounding up the best bits of this month. The sun has graced the Ayr office as we close off this month and in the spirit of a Spring clean we are trialling a new format for this post as well as this lovely new graphic so let us know what you think.

Trading Places

As of 18th April you can now trade MaidSafeCoin (MAID) on Bitker Exchange. This Singapore based exchange will offer MAID/BTC, MAID/ETH and MAID/USDT hosting pairs. We continue to work hard to provide a large spread of options for the community and as always we value your feedback as we move forward with these exchanges.

Buzzin’ for the next SAFE Buzz

Are you up to date with the latest in our videos? This month Ceilidh was joined by SAFE Client Libs Team Lead Nikita as well as Developer Lionel from the Chennai office. Both walk us through their working days, some of their upcoming projects and developments — spoiler alert: there is no such thing as a typical day in the SAFE Network.

Quick Update on QUIC-p2p

Following an extensive period of research, testing and discussion the back end team have been working this month to stabilise the quic-p2p library. We’re working on improving the API and want to increase the test coverage to confirm it works as expected in different conditions and scenarios, including the malicious behaviour of clients. Also, the bootstrapping functionality remained so we are completing that as well. Keep abreast of these developments in the weekly SAFE Network Dev Updates.

Authenticator Additions

The SAFE Authenticator CLI has been recently updated. By making SAFE account credentials readable there is no longer a need for users to type them each time the CLI is executed. This should also allow the safe_auth CLI to be easily integrated with other tools or applications.

Attack of the Three Letter Acronym

The SAFE Client Libs team has started to work on implementing the XOR URL’s RFC. This will make it possible to use SAFE URL’s in RDF resources and link data stored on the Network together. Check out the RFC for full details!

Daunted by DApps?

While you are perusing our YouTube channel you may also see that we have uploaded some new development tutorials. The Chennai team have created these super helpful videos to walk you through the Xamarin, Node.js.Net and Android tutorials. Get stuck in and kick start your journey creating DApps for the SAFE Network.

Interview with Irvine

CEO David Irvine has been speaking with FutureScot about all things SAFE Network ahead of his talk at the FutureScot annual conference in May.

New Resources for Newbies

In order to make SAFE even more accessible for people without much development experience, the team have updated the guides to contributing pages. We hope that these new sections and even more links will help all budding developers learn and in time be able to make significant input!

Road to Fleming

The Routing team strikes again! There have been two additions to the Road to Fleming Forum series. The team discussed their research and approach to both Network Restarts and Network Upgrades. If you haven’t already read the full series on the SAFE Network forum, go check it out and as always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

PARSEC Speed Ahead

Excitingly the core of the PARSEC work for SAFE Fleming is now complete! After some great work by the team, malice detection has been enabled and performance improvements have also been implemented. The Routing team have reformed into a single team and have begun work on node ageing this month.

Timing out the Time Out

As well as node ageing some of the Routing team have also been concentrating on improving message relay, especially around removing the ack-timeout model. We know this sounds complicated but it basically means that the message relay system will be more effective and asynchronous.

Time for a cuppa and a good read

We were lucky to have the second version of the SAFE primer released by some very talented community members this month. Not only has the text had an update and now includes PARSEC but it has also had a colour face lift to now match the vibrant branding of It is a fantastic resource and we are very thankful for the community for the hard work they continue to put into creating and maintaining it. If you are new to the SAFE Network or are looking to brush up your knowledge on a specific topic, it’s a great place to start!

Ceilidh has also published a beginner’s guide to self-encryption this month which gives an overview of the unique encryption mechanism in the SAFE Network.

You may have noticed that we have started a regular tweetstorm looking at key stories from across the privacy, security and technology industry. We hope that you are finding this useful. Keep an eye out for the next ones every Wednesday!

Special Mention

We end this month’s round-up with a special shout out to community developer Edward @oetyng who has taken the time to provide really valuable feedback on the Routing naming conventions. The technical teams are always open to feedback and suggestions so please don’t be shy.