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With the passing of another month, we’ve once again taken the opportunity to review all the things that have been happening across the Safe Network ecosystem. Here’s a snapshot of what happened in May 2019…

You take the High Road(map)

Anyone who’s followed the project over the past few years knows the difficulties we’ve all faced when it comes down to roadmaps. Whilst the general direction of travel is crystal clear, we’ve responded to research and iterations in the technology that we’ve released as you’d hope. We tweak our direction according to the output of all research and, with such a complex and broad project, we’ve continued to forge our own path forwards.

But May 2019 proved to be a key month as we have now released our development roadmap which outlines the work that remains en route to Launch. We’ve taken a variety of different approaches here: some look for an overall view, for others a more granular approach is preferable. Both should now be catered for. For the simplest view, our newly revamped website is the best place to start as it gives you a 30,000 foot view of each of the deliverables in progress. For those looking for a more in depth viewpoint we have created three GitHub project boards. There’s a task-level board that shows the most immediate tasks plus a Frontend Roadmap and Backend Roadmap. These will all be updated as we continue to move towards launch so keep an eye out.

Swanky new Site

The site has had a facelift! We’ve taken on board plenty of feedback and recommendations from across the community (thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to get involved!) with a little of our own extra enhancements, particularly around the How it Works and Get involved pages (plus theoverhaul to the Roadmap as outlined above). Let us know what you think!

Stars in our midst

A number of MaidSafers have been out and about speaking this month. Pierre jetted off to Ukraine to present at the IT NonStop Blockchain and Machine Learning Conference while founder David stayed a little closer to home as he gave a talk entitled “Say Goodbye to the Internet As You Know It” at the DigitalScotland 2019 Conference. The inaugural SOLID London meet up was treated to a visit from Nikita who chatted about the integration of SAFE and SOLID/RDF. As if this wasn’t enough, MaidSafe was also featured in a section on The Nine (the new nightly BBC Scotland news show) and Spandan featured in the latest SAFE Crossroads podcast chatting about QUIC-P2P.

Meetup Mania

Across the globe, SAFE community members have been creating and attending meetups to share their experiences, hear about the latest developments and learn more about the SAFE Network. This month we had successful meetups in Glasgow, Brighton and Chicago.

Some quic News

You may remember that we have recently moved from Crust to quic-P2P for the SAFE Network’s networking layer. This month saw the first release of the quic-P2P crate (v0.1.1) as well as a helpful video with Spandan to help you further understand the reason reason for the move and what it means for the future of the SAFE networking layers.

Lifelong Learning

Learn more about the Fundamentals that lie at the heart of the SAFE Network in the latest two-part blog series (Part 1, Part 2). These 20 Fundamentals are crucial to every decision made on the SAFE Network.

Jon from our Routing team also published in the latest in the Road to Fleming forum series investigating Disjoint Sections. Addressing one of the key problems faced by decentralised projects, this topic has generated some fascinating discussions.

And if you enjoy this piece from Jon you may also want to watch him summarise Sybil Attacks and how the SAFE Network defends itselfon our YouTube channel. If there are other topics you would like us to explain in this format please let us know.


There are currently six outstanding RFCs (‘Request For Comments’) documents out in the wild looking for feedback. The proposals are as follows:

The outcomes of these will help us implement some of the key features of the Network going forward so we really appreciate your time and input.

Thanks for joining us for another month in the development of the SAFE Network. As always we appreciate your feedback and input so please get in touch here or via the Forum.


Stories from around the SAFE Network Community


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Stories from around the SAFE Network Community

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