SAFE Pod Montreal

If you have been following MaidSafe during the past few months you will know that we are in the progress of setting up remote developer pods. The idea is that these pods will, in time, start to share the development and maintenance of the SAFE Network with the MaidSafe developers in Troon. This decentralisation of knowledge removes MaidSafe as a central point of weakness in the development of the network, while enabling the technology to benefit from direct collaboration with the Open Source community.

The SAFE Pod in Montreal has only been in existence for a few short months, and yet the energy with which their small team have approached the technology has been incredible. Not only have they found the time to visit MaidSafe HQ and video David explaining some of the finer points of the network, they have also attended events in the US, specifically to promote the project.

Not to rest on their laurels, they are now intending to produce a series of lectures that explain the network in greater detail. They are going to crowd fund these lectures as a way of paying for their time and to boot strap the growth of the Montreal Pod. If you are passionate about the SAFE Network and want to join MaidSafe in helping to support this amazing team, please head over to their crowd funding page and contribute or sponsor them, they also accept bitcoin!

You can find an excerpt of the first lecture here!