SAFE Pod Montreal Lecture Series

The SAFE Network lecture series being produced by SAFE Pod Montreal has now reached just over 50% of it’s funding target and the team asked me to post here to let you know that if they get to their $2000 target, they will release all the raw material and Keynote presentations for other people to make their own mashups or edited versions of the content.

The team in Canada are also planning the second lecture in the series on December 16th at the Bitcoin Embassy. Erick will be discussing the SAFE Network routing layer with the lecture being broadcast live on YouTube. More details here.

The SAFE Pod in Montreal has become very active in a short space of time and this is primarily due to the hard work of Erick Lavoie and Francis Brunelle. I know that a number of you have already been very gracious in supporting them, for those who haven’t yet I would encourage you to do so as the work they are doing to document the SAFE Network is invaluable.