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May 26, 2016 · 2 min read

News For App Developers

In the pretty aggressive recent networking tests though we left app developers a little behind. There was no secure way they could use the APIs and get more involved in the RFC / API process for applications (surely one of the most important aspects of SAFE). To improve matters, there we are splitting continuing tests into Vault tests and Client tests. We will continue at least one more vault test soon, but in the meantime we will run a stable network on the Digital Ocean droplets, starting from today. This client test network will not be to test anything to do with vaults and be reserved for app developers to work against something stable.

Please download the launcher here and the demo app here

Updates for launcher include :

  • Updated logs to provide more useful information.
  • Fixes for self encryption crashing apps on network full (you probably will not see this, it is a low balance error.
  • The client still does not report this effectively, but it will happen during the RFC process below)

Also, the Launcher is looking at some significant improvements as per this RFC.

The other community members are more than welcome to keep participating in the vault tests, as this is a huge help (we cannot emulate humans or real world internet connectivity). At the moment we really really do not want anyone to build vaults to run against the client test network (otherwise we need to use resources to block that via changes in code).

Along with all of this, we will be doing some more PR activities very soon which will enable the project to move much quicker. Again, over the next few short weeks, we will hope to have lots of information in many aspects of the project moving forward. So technical, PR, structure, resources etc. will all get a bit of a push soon.

Thanks again folks, all of this testing is truly helpful and we are reacting to each and every test with a rabid ferocity to make adjustments and test again. Github issues and RFC’s are being looked at a lot, so please keep this up, no matter how small, every little thing helps to make this not only a success, but more importantly get it into people’s hands more quickly.

This is taken from a forum post made by David on the forum earlier today.

Originally published at on May 26, 2016.


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