The SAFE Network September Round Up

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3 min readOct 9, 2019


With autumn just around the corner and the nights closing in, the team are continuing to steam ahead in delivering you the SAFE Network. Here’s a quick recap of some of the key events in September 2019.

Front End

The Front End team gave us a glimpse into the future of the web by introducing the first of the Perpetual Web functionality. The updated browser (check out the features here), now arms you with the ability to check historic versions of all websites by simply toggling back and forth to see the differences. Download it here and try it out for yourself! If the concept’s new to you, here’s a quick reminder about why the Perpetual Web is so important.

Staying in browser land is the SAFE Mobile Browser. We already have two iterations out in the world and we’re currently working away at the project, including implementing the perpetual functionality that’s present in the desktop version — more updates to come on this soon!

We also released updates to the SAFE Authenticator, building on some fantastic contributions from the SAFE community. Plus we introduced a new SafeKeys transfer command to the SAFE CLI, and its API. This enables users to transfer coins from a SafeKey, while the Safe Wallet transfer command still allows users to transfer coins from Wallets.

Back End

After the release of Vaults Phase 1 and the inevitable bug fixes, we’re now full steam ahead on the implementation of Phase 2. The plan, as ever, is to deliver a minimum viable product into the hands of the community and then iterate on top. To do this, we’ve split Phase 2 into two sections (2A and 2B) which helps us work at pace:

  • Phase 1 gave you the ability to run a single local Vault;
  • Phase 2A extends the single Vault to multiple Vaults within a single Section;
  • Phase 2B builds on 2A to bring multiple Vaults in multiple Sections.

We’ll then move on to Phase 3 and 4 (more details in a future post, but think Farming and Node Ageing amongst a host of other things). You definitely want to keep up to date with progress as it happens.


Our CEO David presented at the Turing Festival in Edinburgh, presenting the vision of securing the hardware, not the data and speaking in front of a more general tech crowd, Dug was down at the Blockchain Live conference in London, Lionel and Nikita chatted about Vaults Phase 1 on the fantastic SAFECrossroads podcast (definitely one to listen to) and we’ve also published a heap of new content this month. So if you haven’t yet taken a look, grab a coffee, get comfortable and enjoy!

See you next month for a whole host of new news and updates — and plenty more releases. As always, check out the Forum each Thursday and stay in tune with the updates each week. As an open-source project, we’re always looking for feedback, comments and community contributions — so don’t be shy, join in and let’s create the SAFE Network together.




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