SAFEX — Frequently Asked Questions!

Hey people, the interest in SAFEX has been growing and we as a community think it’s now time to create a FAQ where the most asked questions will be compiled and answered.

What is Safe Exchange?

Safe Exchange is a marketplace that enables its users to buy and sell goods and services using a complete suite of anonymous systems that are married to the blockchain.

Why is Safe Exchange required?

When Bitcoin began it exposed to the world a trustless decentralised ledger that is enforced by cryptography and transparent consensus that could transfer value around the world with middlemen. A significant problem however arrived with the use of this system in commerce due to the limited protection of the users’ privacy. A number of projects sprung up around the idea and so far we have anonymous transfer of coins over a blockchain. Now is the time that we invite anonymous commerce that is decentralised so that contracts can be forged where the origin is untraceable and un-linkable on the blockchain. We need a protocol that the user can choose the manner in which to carry out their trades, and the manner in which they choose to interact with other traders.

What is the goal of Safe Exchange?

Our goal is to provide a platform that protects people’s civil liberties from criminals/hackers and overzealous states affecting its citizens. This system that is developed with simplicity, and accessibility.

What is the Chille Blockchain?

The Chille Blockchain is the blockchain on which the exchange of goods and services will actually take place. The Chille Blockchain will have a Proof of Work mine-able cryptocurrency: At the launch of the Chille Blockchain 0.5% of Chille’s money supply will be paid out to the Safe Exchange Coin holders.

What is the difference between Safe Exchange Coin and the Chille coin?

Safe Exchange coins are your shares in the Safe Exchange organisation whereas Chille coins are the currency which will be used for the exchange of goods and services.

What is the advantage of holding SafeExchange coins?

Owning Safe Exchange Coins makes you a part of the Decentralised Organization. They are a cryptocurrency which offer a number of advantages over other kinds of assets:

  • They are used in voting on decisions
  • Can be easily traded and exchanged
  • Enable earning dividends in real time
  • They are limited and safe from inflation
  • At the launch of the Chille Blockchain 0.5% of Chille’s money supply will be paid out to the Safe Exchange Coin holders.

Who is the team behind Safe Exchange?

  • Daniel Dabek → Founder of Safe Exchange, and Lead Rust developer
  • Pavle Aleksic → Lead Javascript developer
  • Marija Blesic → Accomplished Architect, and Graphic Designer

Where is the source code of Safe Exchange available?

Are there any updates released by the team?

This is the latest development update which was released by the team. (

What are the best resources to learn more about Safe Exchange?

It is recommended to start by first watching Daniel Dabek’s (Safe Exchange founder) interviews.

After that you can check out the Safe Exchange Forum (

It is also recommended to go through the Safe Exchange BitcoinTalk:

And of-course, there is a community slack which is buzzing with enthusiasts discussing all the upcoming features and answering questions.

What are the important links related to the Safe Exchange organisation?