SAFEX — Frequently Asked Questions!

Harsh Pokharna
Jul 12, 2017 · 3 min read

Hey people, the interest in SAFEX has been growing and we as a community think it’s now time to create a FAQ where the most asked questions will be compiled and answered.

What is Safe Exchange?

Why is Safe Exchange required?

What is the goal of Safe Exchange?

What is the Chille Blockchain?

What is the difference between Safe Exchange Coin and the Chille coin?

What is the advantage of holding SafeExchange coins?

  • They are used in voting on decisions
  • Can be easily traded and exchanged
  • Enable earning dividends in real time
  • They are limited and safe from inflation
  • At the launch of the Chille Blockchain 0.5% of Chille’s money supply will be paid out to the Safe Exchange Coin holders.

Who is the team behind Safe Exchange?

  • Pavle Aleksic → Lead Javascript developer
  • Marija Blesic → Accomplished Architect, and Graphic Designer

Where is the source code of Safe Exchange available?

Are there any updates released by the team?

What are the best resources to learn more about Safe Exchange?

After that you can check out the Safe Exchange Forum (

It is also recommended to go through the Safe Exchange BitcoinTalk:

And of-course, there is a community slack which is buzzing with enthusiasts discussing all the upcoming features and answering questions.

What are the important links related to the Safe Exchange organisation?

SAFEX Digest

Here we talk about SAFEX and decentralised markets!

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SAFEX Digest

Here we talk about SAFEX and decentralised markets!