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May Town Hall Transcript

A transcript of our latest Town Hall.

The following is a transcript of our latest town hall:


Dingo: Hey all, we’ll be having the May Town Hall start soon. I know we’re in the middle of a bit of a bear market right now so this may be a shorter one than normal due to less questions being asked, but feel free to ask your questions in the chat here and we’ll have Psykeeper answer them!

Psykeeper: Hi all, thank you for the intro Dingo, I will answer questions here now!

Q1: What are some of the key unique features of sfi compared to other defi projects?

Psykeeper: I think there are a few key differentiation points between Saffron and other insurance / tranche protocols

  1. Perpetual staking. Saffron pools allow deposits and withdraws without epochs or expiration dates. Users can join and leave on a perpetual basis and the pool can exist forever without needing to be restarted or a new epoch created. This is more convenient for users who wish to join and leave a pool without having to consider the epoch end date for farming
    2. Auto-farming. Other insurance protocols and tranche protocols require the user to buy a policy on a farm they manually enter. On Saffron it’s a one step process where funds are deposited to the underlying platform immediately
    3. Focus on sustainable yield. Our focus in the upcoming future is to build our products around sustainable yield sources. See here for more:

Q2: When will SFI start building a treasury?

Psykeeper: The treasury is already being built from V2 pools because they take a 12.5% fee — although yields on KuCoin haven’t produced much yet, we’re aiming to launch new pools with higher yield soon.

Q3: When can we expect the whitepaper to be released? And I’m curious — will tranche multiplier 10x pools come back in v2?

Psykeeper: I would defer to @Rx3a97 on this one but regarding the review process — we sent the paper to 4 other academic professionals in the space and their review is taken into account and used to iterate on the paper and improve it :) the process is going well.

Junior tranche is already highly leveraged and producing very good APR in V2, but for a 10x pool, we’d need to mint SFI again to cover the senior tranche. It might not be sustainable but we are planning high APR junior tranches for stablecoins/single-staking in the next version of V2. I do like the idea of 10x yield though because of the marketing angle. For example, Bitmex has 100x leverage, barely anyone uses it but many are aware of Bitmex’s 100x leverage due to the absurdity of the rate and a good marketing campaign.

Q4: Can we expect more pools on ethereum and/or polygon? When are you getting listed on KuCoin?

Psykeeper: Yes, we are looking to expand in a few ways, we’ve got a few new partner liquidity pools on Avalanche and we’re looking to expand our V2 product to ethereum as well. As for KuCoin, we can’t comment on the operations of any exchange but we are looking to expand the userbase of the SFI token in any way possible, which includes working with exchange partners in any way possible.

Q5: What would you say is the #1 priority right now for Saffron?

Psykeeper: #1 priority is sustainable yield and that seems to be best suited by making a factory contract that generates new V2 pools based on underlying yield sources. Univ3, Bancor, Masterchef are probably the best yield sources right now. We will prioritize working on contracts that provide additional earning options on top of those.

Q6: Will there be pools or tranches in kcc that would allow us to earn sfi?

Psykeeper: We could deploy single-staking to all chains but it is a lower priority at the moment, but, something many users have asked for. We will likely prioritize this after our next V2 pool launch. Also, we’re thinking about doing another emissions program like Aave/Compound have for farming their token. This is something we’re considering for the newer V2 pools as we build them on ethereum.

Q7: Have there been any changes in supply of SFI?

Psykeeper: The supply of SFI is capped at 100,000 of which the first 80% were generated by the liquidity mining algorithm in the first few weeks. Supply is now locked and minting SFI is only possible via governance vote (up to 100,000). There are currently ~92,122 SFI so that means approximately 7,900 more could be minted via governance vote if need be.


That concludes our May Town Hall, as I mentioned earlier this was a bit of a shorter one — but there were a lot of great questions here and we hope to see you all at the next one!

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