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Saffron.Finance is now available to buy on!

Buying SFI has never been easier.

It’s no secret that following Bitcoin’s explosive growth over the past twenty four hours that the decentralized finance space is going to see a massive influx of new users. While buying and holding onto crypto has never been easier, it’s important to keep in mind that there are still plenty of hurdles (buying an ETH wallet, using an exchange, copying contract address) for the average person to overcome that prevent adoption from becoming ubiquitous. aims to simplify this process by allowing its users to purchase cryptocurrency using nothing more than a linked bank account. Taking inspiration from what apps like Robinhood or Acorns have done for the traditional stock market, Dharma intends to knock down the barriers of entry and introduce cryptocurrency to whole new demographic.

On our web3 application, you can find a direct link to Dharma in the lower left hand corner. Simply click the link here to be redirected to their website.

Once there, you’ll be directed to download the mobile app, link your bank account, and just like that you’re able to begin purchasing.

It’s always a great thing to be able to help onramp new users into cryptocurrency — it makes the entire industry thrive — we’re absolutely thrilled to be featured on Dharma.


Web3 app:




Saffron is a peer to peer risk exchange and decentralized risk arbitrage marketplace.

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